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Atom Limbs

The world’s first mind-controlled bionic arm 🦾

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AI-powered mind control. Restores sense of touch. Full finger dexterity. 200 sensors. Curls 45lbs.
CEO prev. cofounder of Bebo (acq. by Amazon). Team: Johns Hopkins, Apple, IDEO, Intel, NASA.
$120M grant from Dept of Defense & DARPA used for R&D last 15 years.
100+ member waitlist. Trialed by 20 amputees, quadriplegics, military, teleoperations.
Backed by VILLAGE Global whose LPs include Bill Gates, Reid Hoffman, Jeff Bezos.
Founding team incl. original designers & engineers of iMac, Da Vinci Surgical Robot, NASA Simulink

Our Team

When I was 24, my dad got lung cancer. He passed away soon after. That's when I learned that life is short. Ever since, I've only wanted to work on meaningful things, impactful to humanity at large. After 10 years in development, we've created the world's first mind-controlled and most advanced bionic arm.

We're building the most advanced artificial arm in the world.

Atom Limbs is creating the world's first mind-controlled and most advanced bionic arm. To start, we're selling it to amputees and people who suffered limb loss. We spent the last 15 years prototyping this arm. Now, the arm is finally moving from the clinical stage to the commercial stage.

As well as tested by the military and teleoperations.

We've done this before. CEO Tyler Hayes cofounded Bebo, which was acquired by Amazon. We bring 40+ years of experience from John Hopkins, Apple, IDEO, Intel, NASA, and more.

This is a revolutionary human-scale robotics and neural control breakthrough.

...the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, along with DOD, the VA, and other partners.

...and the future of artificial limbs!

We're building the future of Human Body 2.0 and artificial limbs. 

Sound exciting? Join us! If you share our crazy, we want you riding in this car with us.

We believe in building in public. That means funding in public too.

We have world-class investors backing us.

But we also believe *anyone* should be able to invest in startups, at any stage.

Not just professional investors. And not having to wait for an IPO. No more gatekeepers.

We're making mind-controlled bionic arms! They're real!

And now you're about to be part of it 🦾 Welcome to our bionic future