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The Airport Delivery App — Order food and more to your gate

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Proven delivery concept in 10 U.S. airports: SAN, EWR, JFK, LGA, BOS, MSP, PDX,SJC,ONT,BUR(+350%YOY)
Opportunity for rapid airport expansion (launching 10 of the top 30 U.S airports in next 12 weeks)
Essential solution post COVID-19 for social distancing and safe travel with contactless deliveries
Multi-year airport contracts with NO COMPETITION in the industry
New partnership with GrabMobile (, the lead mobile ecommerce provider in 55 airports
New partnerships with airlines and travel industry partners to drive order growth with travelers
Concessions partners include McDonald's, Jersey Mike's, Shake Shack, Panda Express, Burger King
4.9/5.0 rating in the app store;World class customer satisfaction scores across 100,000 deliveries

Our Team

We launched AtYourGate to improve the travel experience for the leisure and business traveler and the work life for flight crews and airport employees by offering more convenience and choice and saving time via in-airport food and retail delivered with distinction. You don't have to fly hungry with AtYourGate.


We started AtYourGate to change travel for the better. We saw a very disconnected marketplace, and sought out to connect it - via food and retail delivery. As an avid business traveler, and wanderlust at heart, our founder constantly found himself in the same situations: Long lines, limited choice in the terminal, quick layover with no time to shop, or arriving after everything is closed. AtYourGate enables passengers, flight crews, and airport employees to order food and retail from anywhere inside of the airport, and have it delivered to their gate, jet bridge, or break room. 

First, we had to convince an airport to let us try

In 2017, AtYourGate won an RFP to launch mobile ordering and delivery at San Diego International Airport. The team of PJ Mastracchio, David Henninger, Chris Hartman and Tony Trincanello spent essentially all of 2017 "learning" how to do this. Days were spent walking from every restaurant to every gate, with a stopwatch, at all hours of the day to get the timing just right. Countless hours were spent navigating "the ramp" - the area underneath the airport where employees work = getting lost more than a few times. Taking food temperatures, and logging them every 10 minutes,  to ensure quality through the delivery journey. The time spent to be perfect - to deliver with distinction - paid off. In January of 2018, AtYourGate began making deliveries!

Deliver with distinction, and grow!

OK, so we did it - we launched an airport. After close to 3 years of having doors closed in our faces, laptops shut mid-presentation, and being told we were "wasting millions of dollars and years of our lives" - we were off and running. We started marketing and delivering to employees. We felt if we made a mistake, we could find said employee and remedy the problem, as opposed to an angry traveler that may be on a cross country flight. Well, we found an entire new market with airport employees! We built the company thinking mostly about travelers, not understanding the airport ecosystem. What we found is that employees LOVE AtYourGate. Instead of spending the majority of their break walking through the airport, waiting in line, and hustling back to eat, they order 30 minutes  before their break. We show up in the break room, they punch out, and have a full 30 minutes to eat. There are thousands of employees working 24/7 in airports. They are extremely loyal customers and we love them. We see them every day, so we are in a lot of ways coworkers. We layered in passenger deliveries in mid-March (we were kind of experts by then!) and then opened inter-terminal deliveries in April. We were executing flawlessly, and delivering with distinction. We were extremely proud as a team, the four of us having spent the months of January to May living together in a 1 bedroom/1 bath apartment - working 7 days a week. And we were never happier.

In late April, the largest airport convention in America just so happened to be in - you guessed it - San Diego. What I didn't mention is at this point we had probably spoken to 75 airports about launching AtYourGate, and they all said basically the same thing: "This sounds awesome. Go figure it out in someone else's airport, and then come back and we can talk." Welp, we did our talking with our team. Hundreds of airports descended upon San Diego, and our brand ambassadors were stellar. Dozens of secret shoppers were placing orders. We didn't know who they were, but we knew they were out there. The convention was a huge success for us, as it ramped up discussions with several major airports, and in June of 2018, AtYourGate launched at Newark Liberty International Airport. And the rest, as they say, is history. Our teams have since launched LaGuardia, JFK, Boston, Minneapolis, Portland, San Jose, Ontario, and Burbank. Things were looking amazing!

But then came COVID-19...

COVID-19 changed the way we live in many ways and, in some instances, those changes will be the new-normal. Delivery in airports pre-COVID-19 was a nice service for convenience, and to purchase items that were not readily or easily available in the airport.

Well, much like street-side, delivery in airports has now become an essential service. For passengers, AtYourGate assists with social distancing by keeping passengers out of lines, and crowded food courts. Passengers can order from their own personal device, and receive a contactless delivery in a safe place inside of the airport. For employees, the benefit is simple: keep them from wandering the airport, needlessly interacting with travelers from all over the world, with a contactless delivery to their break room. For flight crews and airlines, there have been many benefits. First, with no food on planes, crews don't have easy access to meals. Many concessions are closed now (due to low passenger volume) forcing flight crews to walk into several airports per day. By safely delivering to the jet bridge, we not only feed the crew - but assist with contact tracing in the event of an infected crew member. Keeping them in one spot keeps others safe as well as the crew.

Post COVID-19, we have partnered with Grab, the leading omni-channel mobile ordering app, to expand our service into an additional 40 airports by the end of 2021. We've gone from interesting to essential.

So, why AtYourGate?

Well, for starters we've done this over 100,000 times, and have a Net Promoter Score of 75. So, we do it often, and we do it well. Deliver with distinction.

With delivery being essential, whether is be street-side or in an airport, AtYourGate is the ONLY PLAYER IN THE GAME. So, to date, we have no competition.

Finally, I want you to know the we have a great team. Sure, we have accomplished a TON. But we are all good people. We work really hard, we care for others, and have created a culture that we are extremely proud of. 

AtYourGate has become part of the travel experience. We'd love to have you come on this journey with us!