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Bee Mortgage App

tap that app, get a mortgage

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🏁 VC-backed ✚ $1.4M+ raised to date.
🦄 "Uber for mortgages" disrupting the $4 Trillion market with 💯 mobile UX unlike 🚀 Mortgage.
📊 MIT MBA engineers + mortgage pros for Generation Mobile.
💥 Women & minority founded | Revenue ✚
✅ Team experienced in mobile app dev, mortgage lending, real estate and blockchain/AI/ML automation.
💯 Proven execution: first product released on time and under budget in 2020.
🏃🏻‍♀️Designed for the same users as Robinhood, Chime, Fair, WhatsApp and Carvana.
🤖 Patent pending AI, machine learning & blockchain automation = 3x loan production.

Our Team

Call it fate or destiny, or the only thing Curtis has ever been really good at (jk Curtis!), but we chose this idea because we're passionate about using new technology to make homeownership more accessible and affordable for the average family. We're also really good at it, experts actually, and we love what we do!

Tap that app, get a mortgage.

No email chains, fax machines, or hold music. No need to leave your couch.

Bee is changing things by delivering a simpler, faster, personalized experience for the homebuyer.

Today’s mortgage process is built upon outdated systems and rely on expensive intermediaries. The mortgage industry is decades behind, failing to meet today’s mobile consumer expectations.

🦾 Our tech does the heavy lifting
Most borrowers won’t have to scan in any documents like paystubs or bank statements.Automation allows Bee to validate and make decisions in an instant, eliminating the need for a loan officer to manually collect and verify information. 

📱 A process so simple, you can do it all on your phone
Everything from rate shopping through closing can be done from your couch. Getting pre-approved is as easy as answering a simple set of questions. Bee will keep you updated through the rest of the underwriting process and you'll finish with a virtual closing.

It feels like you’re being guided through the process by an expert, just without the pesky phone calls and emails.

✅ Faster closing times with lower rates and payments
What more can you ask for? Bee's automated process allows us to operate at a lower costs and we pass the savings along to the borrower. 

Bee will be the first direct lender with a true 100% digital, contactless platform.

Competitors still rely on human loan officers to drive the majority of their process. After a customer submits a loan application online, their file is passed off to a loan officer for the next steps. At this point, they are beholden to the loan team to process their loan. Bee will be the first end-to-end mobile solution, from rate shopping through closing.

Bee's platform will eliminate the need to deal with a loan officer - this means the mortgage process will be driven by the borrower, on their time and schedule. Of course, Bee has a team of mortgage experts available if they prefer to speak with a human.

  • The mobile generation is the biggest home buying group - a 1.25 Trillion market.
  • Our contactless experience will be covid-proof.
  • Mortgage lending is ready for automation.

Automation allows Bee to validate and make decisions in an instant.

We've completed a successful pre-seed raise and launched an MVP for iOS and Android. Here's what's next for Bee:

Here’s what your funding will help us achieve:

Our Story: How Bee Started Buzzing 🐝

Everyone called us crazy (some still do). This is our story of failure, success, and one couch surfer.

"You're crazy!"

Curtis, a front-line mortgage loan officer, had a light bulb moment when he read a research
paper on the benefits of blockchain for the mortgage industry by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Realizing this trusted validation protocol was the missing element for an end-to-end mobile mortgage tech stack, he went home and talked his wife Cynthia into launching BeeMortgageApp -- a complete mobile mortgage experience with a UX so easy to use a first time buyer can use it -- with no money and 8 kids.

Soon thereafter, this guy started surfing on the couch while we built Bee with literally no money.

Hello Crowdfunding

Rejected by multiple VCs noting all the ways it won't work, we took the idea to consumers directly who rallied behind the idea and were met with immediate success raising $300,400.

The Bee Team Delivers!

We released our MVP, Bee App 1.0, a mortgage affordability calculator helping new home buyers identify their ideal monthly payment and home sale price before they start looking at homes, for Android in May and iOS in August on time and under budget all during a global pandemic. 

We also signed a partnership with a national bank and began generating revenue! The initial feedback on the MVP has been outstanding with many people commenting how easy it is to use! Success!  

We also launched our digital advertising campaign, shot our next raise video, and passed 1,000 downloads!

L- R: CTO Holly Davis, Lead UX Designer Angie Luu, COO Cynthia Wood, CEO Curtis Wood, VP of Products Matt Offers, CMO Kristin Scheurer, Director of Agent Partnerships Dwight Skyers, VP of Originations Munir Valiani.