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Invest in Brazen Bio

Aiming to become the Y Combinator of biotech startups


Building an ecosystem to address unmet medical needs; actively recruiting underrepresented founders
Team involved in over a dozen FDA filings and supported by a growing world-class advisory team
State-of-the-art laboratory space at BioLabs LA at the Lundquist Institute
First cohort of Brazen Fellows in 2021
Thought experiment: Imagine being able to invest in Y Combinator in 2005... (results not guaranteed)

Our Team

It took Dr. Carbonell 26 months and thousands in legal fees to spin out his first biotech startup from a university. It almost killed the company. Lowering the frictions for rising entrepreneurs to develop their technologies will massively benefit human health.

We're Brazen Bio


We enable biotech entrepreneurs to address unmet healthcare needs. Our first program is a turn-key biotech startup incubator based in Los Angeles, California. 


Cofounders Dr. Shawn Carbonell and Dr. Brent Witgen have been friends for over 20 years. In 2009, Dr. Carbonell quit neurosurgery residency to found the clinical stage biotech startup OncoSynergy, Inc, a UCSF spinout. In 2019, he handed the reigns to his team to cofound the Los Angeles-based brain cancer 501c3 nonprofit, Cure Glioblastoma.

After completing his PhD and postdoc abroad, Dr. Witgen quickly rose through the ranks of industry operations. At Novo Nordisk, he led teams in Beijing, China and subsequently Copenhagen, Denmark. Most recently, he was Site Head and Director of Laboratory Operations at FMI (Roche), San Diego. Experience in multiple therapeutic areas including devices and diagnostics.


The founding Brazen Bio Advisory Board is represented by legendary life sciences intellectual property attorney, Lisa Haile, JD, PhD, and neurosurgery leader and innovator, John Boockvar, MD. Dr. Haile is Partner at DLA Piper, San Diego and Board Member/General Counsel of Biocom CA. She has the unique distinction of having done patent work for EIGHT Nobel laureates! Dr. Boockvar is Vice-Chairman of Neurosurgery at Lenox Hill Hospital (NYC) and Main Character of the award-nominated docuseries "Lenox Hill" on Netflix.

Brazen Bio is rapidly building a diverse, worldwide network of Senior Fellows with broad expertise in biopharma, innovation, and beyond.  


Brazen Bio is solving the problem Dr. Carbonell had over a decade ago when founding OncoSynergy. Launching a biotech startup is exponentially more difficult than a typical tech startup where you can build an MVP (minimal viable product) with just a laptop and free wifi. Biotech founders need laboratory access, specialized equipment, and funding. Universities are the default option, however, incentives are not always aligned; they own the IP and tend to move slowly. 


Brazen Bio solves this problem by becoming the missing link between ideas and inventions. We provide the basic infrastructure to founders including 24/7 laboratory access, funding, housing, and much more.

Founders who graduate through our program will be designated as "Brazen Fellows".


Brazen Fellows are provided state-of-the-art laboratory access at BioLabs LA. This purpose-built facility opened in 2019 and is the anchor to what will become a multi-billion dollar biotech hub adjacent to Harbor-UCLA Hospital. Brazen Fellows will enjoy free access to over $1.5M in new laboratory equipment and technologies and to core resources in the Lundquist/UCLA network.


Brazen Fellows are competitively selected from a rigorous application process. They are treated to an innovative curriculum including online resources and dinners/fireside chats with experts and entrepreneurs. The major emphasis of the program is creation of intellectual property in the laboratory. Brazen Bio then helps Brazen Fellows with provisional patent applications, incorporation, and fundraising when and where appropriate.


Brazen Bio is independent of any academic, industry, or venture capital organization. We are "founder friendly first"—completely aligned with the success of Brazen Fellows. Our unique ecosystem revolves around reducing the frictions of being a biotech founder and providing access to support including administrative and laboratory assistance. Brazen Fellows can count on continued support beyond the completion of the program.


Brazen Fellows, upon incorporation of their startups, will issue a 3% equity stake to Brazen Bio. As we build brand and additional resources for founders we will competitively adjust our standard deal. Other incubators in this space take 7% to 12%, however, we don't believe a double digit stake is founder friendly. 


The Brazen Incubator is just the beginning. Ultimately, we intend to establish a vertically-integrated accelerator—The Brazen Institute—in order to provide full-service support to biotech founders. This will include the critical milestones of phase 1-scale manufacturing and early clinical trials.


Our vision is to launch HUNDREDS of new biotech companies and technologies to benefit humanity and create massive value. JOIN US!