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New Peer-to-Peer Booking Marketplace ⇨ Uber-style Apps + Amazon's Easy Buy UX


📈 +70% Revenues in a single month, w/ ZERO Marketing Spend.
📈 +39% Revenues Feb vs Jan 2021.
💡 First-mover to offer more verticals in the gig economy for underserved, niche markets.
💰 $50,000 in funding secured
🏆 $20,000 via Parallel18 Accelerator
🏳️‍🌈 Founded by Entrepreneur Husbands. Conceptualized in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Our Team

CEO | co-founder
First Venture - A Baking Business Called Butter Up Cake & Co. Launched In High School. Nominated for Forbes 30 Under 30 Shortlist 2019-2020. He Holds A Degree In Design. Founded Artisan Marketplace In The Wake Of Hurricane Maria.
Hurricane Maria in 2017- our not-so-nice welcome to Puerto Rico. My husband and I chose to stay when we saw people struggling to work, or get services provided to them. We saw two sides -customer and service provider, both have the solution to each other's problem, but didn't have platform to connect. No one was fixing that, so we decided to try.
Alan Burke COO | co-founder
Founded An Algorithmic Arbitrage Trading Company, Condor Trading Llc In 2012, Recently Valued At $3 Million+. BA In Theoretical Physics From The University Of Dublin, Ireland Trinity College, & MSC In Financial Mathematics From DCU, Ireland.

Customer meet Service Provider,

fast and simple solution made by people, for people.

HALLO is changing things by delivering a simpler, faster, personalized experience for both the customer and service provider.

Today’s services booking process is built upon inefficient systems that result in hair-pulling and/or time-consuming experiences. The services-as-a-product sector of the gig economy is due take a bigger chunk, which is currently predominantly comprised of ride-share and property-share sectors.

📱 Our System works simultaneously on two apps 

One that allows people to list their skills and services and another that enables customers to find and book them for on-demand delivery to their homes, offices, or anywhere they want. View it in action HERE

📱 A process so simple, It feels like it should have always been the way 

HALLO is a solution to two most prevalent problems in today's services booking experience. 

Plus, it’s cleverly designed to be self-explanatory and easy to use, whether you speak Spanish or English. 

How HALLO Works
Say HALLO To A New Booking Experience

It feels like you’re being guided through the process by an expert concierge, just without the pesky phone calls, call backs, or never-ending questions. 

We connect you straight to the people you need, for pretty much anything you need.

See it in action

✅ Faster booking times with lower fees and cashless payments
What more can you ask for? HALLO's simplified automated process allows us to operate at a lower costs and we pass the savings along to the customers and providers on our platform.

Who is HALLO for?

View the demo video of the dual-app system in action.

HALLO is the first on-demand marketplace focusing on providing our solution to underserved, niche markets.

Marketplaces with the highest efficiency and the lowest cost are the ones to dominate and succeed. - Alan Burke, COO

Competitors still utilize processes that are far less efficient and fail to provide the "instant gratification" experience that HALLO captures. 

After a customer submits a booking request on their app, their chosen provider get a notification prompt with all the booking details and simply clicks one of three buttons: Accept, Decline, or Suggest a Different Time. 

If the provider declines, the system automatically alerts the customer and suggests similar providers for them to choose from. #yesplease !

Disclaimer: These projections cannot be guaranteed

HALLO is the first peer-to-peer mobile solution, offering more verticals of the gig economy.

HALLO's platform

Our App augments the way customers book service providers today. By utilizing the 'instant delivery' method of uber and easy shopping experience of amazon, we are able to simplify, optimize, and re-imagine your service provider booking experience.

  • The mobile generation is the biggest services buying group - a 500 Billion market opportunity.
  • Our providers get a covid protection welcome kit with CDC approved training for keeping exposures at a minimum while delivering their services to customers' home.
  • Service Provider Bookings are ready for 'instant gratification'.

Just like share economy marketplaces, we are a transactions based subscription model. No monthly fees are charged to the user.

We're excited to meet you

LGBTQ, Minority Team:

The HALLO Team is comprised of a widely diverse group of people. Beginning with our founders, married husbands and active advocates for the equal rights movement. Our team is comprised of various minority groups - from various Latinx to Asian background Team Members.

Adversity Driven Founders' Story:

Husbands, Alan Burke and Jan Reese Rondina-Burke founded and bootstrapped the idea for this startup in the wake of Hurricane Maria in 2017, which was their not-so-positive welcome to Puerto Rico after moving to the island earlier that year. 

The pair didn't know the aftermath was going to be 100x worse, so they stayed. That's when they saw people struggling to get work and continue earning. 

Uber, at that time, was the only way they could make supplemental income, but it was only for driving. If your car was damaged in the hurricane, you’re out of luck. 

It didn’t matter how qualified and talented you were, there was no earning opportunity for you. The couple thought, if there was a platform like uber that offered more ways to earn using what you are qualified for (service verticals of the gig economy), it could change things for a lot of people now and in the future.

With little to no Spanish and almost no knowledge of the unique culture of their new home, they decided to create the solution. 

We knew that if we wished to see the next outcome change, taking action for an accessible solution was the choice. Now here we are. We hope to make this solution be our legacy, said Jan Reese Rondina

Our Own Product Development Team:

The HALLO Dev team is comprised of multi-cultural minorities, we have a drive to produce 2x the quality with 2x efficiency and half as much resources to compete with non-minority counterparts.

Over the last few years, we have been able to gather learnings and build a solid development team. We take each obstacle, like covid, earthquakes, or hurricanes, with grace and focus on the solutions hiding behind. We develop with care, agility, and high regard for our users.


Successfully Launched - December 2020, and since then...

Disclaimer: These projections cannot be guaranteed

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