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Invest in HotelierCo

We founded HotelierCo to open hotel ownership to anyone in the crowd


Invest today and become an owner in the FIRST crowdsourced hotel fund management company. 🥇
Founder has managed over $1.6 billion of hotel real estate. 💵
We will have ownership of the first few hotels. Hotels owned by you. 🏨
We are looking to build a new lifestyle brand, a brand curated by you. 🤩
A new wave of hotel loyalty. Up to 25% reduced room costs, resulting in improved profitability. 🏄‍♀️
Invest and earn your share of profits from hotel investments, management and promotes. 🙌
Be part of the hospitality revolution! 🎆
Invest now to receive 20% discounts on hotels held by HotelierCo. 🔥

Our Team

My background is in hotel funds management with spending time working for a large brand (IHG) and a hotel management company (Valor).  While running these funds I had always wished I could have invested some of my own money into the hotels - but at the time no avenue existed to allow for this.  It now does, Reg A+, look out hospitality!

The Story of HotelierCo

HotelierCo was originally a concept developed by the CEO while running a large hospitality fund in Australia and working with a large hotel brand company in the United States.

There were three key developments that would enhance the hospitality space:

  • Finding a way to provide access for all individuals to invest in hotel assets
  • Breakthrough the loyalty war between online travel agents (OTA's) and brand companies
  • Free yourself from costly fees

In 2015, with the passing of Regulation A+ crowdfunding, all of these could finally happen.

Keys to Success

The first key driver for success was having partners with exceptional hotel operation capabilities.

We are working closely with accredited third-party hotel management groups with operations in the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Dubai, and Hong Kong. Operators that are approved for all major brands (including Marriott, Hilton, IHG, and Hyatt) as well as operate all types of hotels from luxury and upscale assets to mid-tier properties.

Our partners recognized the opportunity in aligning with HotelierCo to open an institutional product for the public as well as a unique way to grow HotelierCo and their business through a joint effort. We are excited to have these relationships and grow similar opportunities with other like-minded companies.

The second key driver for success, a great operation requires a great technology platform.

Wefunder is an exceptional company in the crowdfunding technology space.

HotelierCo wanted to use its forward-thinking approach on investments with a focus on loyalty from the crowd. Wefunder provides the technology capability for members to invest, monitor, and track their returns.

We didn't stop there! With these partnerships investing in hospitality, assets aren't the only opportunity. We are now providing the opportunity to invest in the HotelierCo business.

Structuring Funds

The final stage for HotelierCo was developing a suitable fund structure for investment and finding a concept that would be ideal for newly acquired assets.

We have been watching the market to find the best path to successful for those who aspire to become a first-time hotel owner or a tycoon in the hospitality industry.

To launch we are looking to invest sponsorship equity in a number of deals alongside personal funds and a personal guaranty from our CEO. The first deal has an executed contract looking to finalized the purchase and sale agreement before the end of the year. We are excited for this property to be the first on our platform – and a property that is turnkey and ready for both investors and guests to visit.

We then intend to put out funds broken into regional United States markets and utilize the crowdfunding CF changes to launch several $5 million investments for individual hotels throughout the United States.

And now it's time to grow.

We are excited about the concept of a partnership between the public, fund management company, hotel management company and a technology platform. We believe this is the key for change in hotel investment.

We are excited to have you on board!