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Immerse Underwater Safari

Save our planet on an underwater safari!

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Every safari raises oceanic awareness, contributes oceanic data, & removes debris from our oceans.
10-Yr exclusive contract servicing three 5-star resorts and counting. This means 100% market share.
Access to the underwater world with no physical limitations, age limits, or certifications needed.
Our submersible is 100% electric and does not emit any emissions.
Agreement to acquire state of the art submersible at 27% of replacement value.
Operating Partner has over 20 years of local experience.
Our safari site is home to over 2,000 marine life species including sharks, whales, dolphins, & rays.
Partnership with submersible manufacturer ensures continuous service and oversight.

Our Team

Proudly Black Owned, we are dedicated to raising awareness for marine life and increasing ocean accessibility. Moreover, we are committed to combating some of the challenges facing marine life (coral bleaching, pollution, overfishing etc). It is our belief that the fight starts with getting people’s attention by granting them subsea access.

Immerse Underwater Safari

Our oceans represent 71% of the Earth's surface area and 99.9% of our planet by volume.  Yet, according to NASA's Gene Feldman, humans know more about outer space than our own planet's oceans.  As featured in the New York Times, we set out to raise marine life awareness, increase ocean access, and clean our oceans.

We are in the Business of Saving our Planet

Nothing complicated here.... we will take Fari Islands resort (The Ritz Carlton, Patina, & Capella Maldives) guests on underwater safaris in our four passenger state-of-the-art submersible.  In fact, the beauty of this business is its simplicity.  The Maldives has a "one resort, one island" model meaning each island is a remote resort destination that is perfect for traveling in this COVID-19 era.  The Maldives model is also perfect for our operations as resort activities are limited to each hotel's offerings. There are no downtowns or museums on these remote islands.  Enter Immerse Underwater Safari.  

Capella Maldives
The Ritz Maldives
Patina Maldives

We will have exclusive access to each Fari Islands resort guests providing them with a once-in-a-lifetime experience that benefits our planet.  Fari islands resorts offer rooms from $1,350 - $34,000 per night (as of May 2021 launch).  Our forecasted $550 safari (per person) is favorably priced compared to ~$900 scuba diving certifications offered at comparable 5-star resorts.  We will provide a relatively affordable, life changing experience for our guests all while saving our planet.  Our forecasted EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation, and Amortization) margins range between 55-69% over the next ten years. Our offerings include:

The underwater safari segment is our primary business forecasted at 67% of first year revenue. We will take passengers on hourly voyages.  We designed bespoke safaris centered around large marine animals, coral reefs, caves, reef cliffs, shipwrecks, and so much more.   

Private charters
serves as our secondary business.  Fari Islands was designed to be the premier marina of all the Maldives. With frequent superyacht visitation, this business is projected to generate 22% of our first-year sales or four weekly charters per year. Redefining adventure travel with subsea luxury, we offer yacht owners/charterers an experience like no other. Our “Best of the Maldives” offering will highlight the finest of the subsea world in this magical nation of islands.


You can fly on a “plane” or you can learn to fly a “plane”. Sub piloting is an exhilarating educational program consisting of both classroom and hands-on training. We will offer a range of trainings ranging from introductory to professional courses for career seekers. We have forecasted 8% of projected first-year revenue towards this business line.

In addition to these offerings, we will sell videos and merchandise out of the Fari Islands Dive Shop (forecasted at 3% of first-year projected revenue).

Traction & Roadmap 

We have secured 10-year agreements to service the largest and most influential hospitality companies in the world; Marriott International and Capella Hotel Group.  We are working to secure several more agreements with neighboring resorts.  We are raising capital to launch and maintain the business for the long-term (see uses section for breakdown).

Since our business is purpose driven, the benefits compound exponentially with greater ridership. We further increase marine life awareness, remove more ocean pollution, provide more data for researchers, and grant subsea access to more people. Thus, our strategy is to expand our services to resorts throughout the Maldives.

Immerse Underwater Safari will target 5-star resorts throughout the Maldives to provide this unbelievable experience.  As we look to expand to other Atolls (island clusters), we will purchase new equipment to independently service these resorts.  We anticipate this expansion to be funded with retained earnings.

This slide contains forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed.

Marine Life Awareness 

We are using our ultra-rare submersible to take guests in the Maldives on Underwater Safaris. We are committed to combating the challenges facing marine life (coral bleaching, invasive species, pollution, over fishing etc…). It is our belief that the fight starts with getting people’s attention. Rather than carrying out our objective in a somber tone, we are focused on celebrating all marine life has to offer.

Ocean Access

Additionally, exploring the world's last frontier has been limited by one's physical conditioning, age, and certifications. We set out to make the ocean accessible to all.  

Underwater Safari

We secured our ultra-rare submersible for our mission based underwater safari experience. Next, we sought out like-minded partners to bring this never witnessed before adventure to life.

Responsible Recreation

The results of all our efforts is Immerse Underwater Safari!  We have partnered with three world-class hospitality companies, The Ritz Carlton, Capella, and Patina.  This is just the begininning as we are seeking out many more partnerships throughout the Maldives to execute our business plan.  We are set to launch in May 2021 as part of the world-renowned Fari Islands hospitality development.  Every underwater safari will remove plastics from our oceans & contribute oceanic data to our research partners.

Our underwater safaris will evoke emotion for the often-forgotten marine life.  There are no physical fitness limitations, age restrictions, nor certifications needed to journey down to 650 feet. We are confident the humans we share our journey with will leave equipped with a mindset necessary to help marine life in a manner commensurate with their capabilities.