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Moonshot Junior, Inc

Building Future Entrepreneurs & Innovators through STEAM (SaaS)

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Global footprint (SaaS program). Raised $700K so far (including $500K+ directly on CAP table).
50% MoM revenue growth (2020 or our first-year rev. $200K+)
Multiple investors & advisors who built/exited $100M+ EdTech/eCommece companies.
The founding team built multiple successful tech companies in Silicon Valley.
Perfecting instructor-led virtual classrooms (1:1 exp in spite of the classroom, thus able to scale)
Partnered with TYE (part of with a mission to foster entrepreneurship among the young gen.
We produced young TEDx speakers. Young entrepreneurs selling products on Amazon, Kickstarter, eBay
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Our Team

Our preliminary research showed that the current education system with its traditional approach to learning is not catering to the needs of the children for building their future. We care not only because we have a close association and experience in e-commerce and can see and predict the needs of the future but also as parents of school goers.

Moonshot Jr - Changing the Future. One Child at a Time.

Moonshot Jr, a Silicon Valley startup aims to disrupt education in general and EdTech in particular via its patent-pending, outcome-focused program. Our Innovator Program is helping children develop an entrepreneurial mindset via STEAM thus making them ready for the future of work.

Our SaaS-based monthly subscription and product-first approach is experiencing a 50% MoM growth rate in addition to $50K+ in revenue per month. There's also some very smart money coming in including investments by EdTech industry leaders.

Moonshot Jr is generating revenue which places it firmly above and beyond the "proof of concept" phase; most other equity crowdfunding campaigns are pre-revenue at best. It is no small feat that in a year since the company’s inception, we have grown to a 35+ full-time employee team with 11 products available on Amazon. Besides:

  • We’re adding 60+ SaaS (B2C) customers MoM with multi-year LTV
  • We had over $200,000 in revenues in 2020
  • We have several B2B customers and have a strong pipeline
  • 11 Moonshots (products) built by our students; available on Amazon/eBay & Moonshot Jr store to purchase

Building on innovative software and hardware products, such as Moonpreneur and the Embedded Learner Kit, and a platform that can deliver hundreds of courses to a wide audience concurrently, we have our base set to get our content across to multiple users and scale our offerings exponentially. We are also focusing on a platform and community to build an entrepreneurial mindset in youth to achieve market leadership in this niche.

    Moonshot Jr's platform offers holistic learning where students get a combination of pre-recorded videos, learning via games, and instructor-led tech sessions bundled with core life skills sessions on video creation, content writing, social media marketing, art, public speaking, and more. This learning is in addition to our core hands-on entrepreneurship training in four stages. Industry expert sessions

    The latest launch by Moonshot Jr - a business strategy game called Moonpreneur raised over 148% of its goal on Kickstarter. Moonpreneur can be pre-ordered from Moonshot Junior store, simulates a real-life business environment that will help students to learn entrepreneurship the fun way. The game is soon to be a part of our curriculum.


    The Innovator Program is a multi-year, multi-tier program that has a high LTV since students can be retained for years with multiple projects at a low acquisition cost.

    Exploration Stage- The child is taken through a curriculum that centers on knowledge about futuristic subjects. In this stage, the students are evaluated after every session to understand their interests, likes, and dislikes.

    Preparation Stage- Children will be able to gain expertise in the chosen subjects like Robotics, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, AI, Automation, Art, Game Development, App Development, and more.

    Product Innovation Stage- Introduced to the five steps of product development to help innovate and develop a Moonshot (their own product

    E-commerce Stage- Prepares and encourages children for the e-commerce environment

    Apart from the regular tech and entrepreneurship sessions, the program also offers holistic learning where students learn crucial skills such as social media marketing, content creation, personality development, and public speaking as a part of the curriculum. They are also offered sessions by industry experts who keep them updated on various hard and soft skills needed to excel as entrepreneurs.

    Moonshot Jr evaluates students and offers data-based learning tracked through Moonscale (WIP). An AI software, Moonscale will access students via 50+ data points. The AI will help in predicting knowledge assimilation, interest identification, suggesting educational forecasts, and enable adaptive learning among other benefits. Currently, this process is carried out manually.

    Recent successes include:

    • Sania, built her computer kit and went on to complete a successful Kickstarter. It is now selling on Amazon and eBay.
    • Samvi, designed a subscription toy box to engage children with autism which led her to speak at TEDx.
    • Shourya, Founder of MQBit and creator of the Tambola app available on The Google Play Store or the Apple App Store!

    Moonshot Jr already has a base platform/processes/curriculum and is now seeking investments to scale their growth and build a world-class EdTech company for K-12.

    The Moonshot Jr founding team comprises several serial entrepreneurs. We have some of the biggest names on their advisory board including Ken Burke, Himanshu Aggarwal, and Amar Rajasekhar. Some have founded and exited $100 million companies. Moonshot Jr is driven by the idea that the best work is born from diligence, creativity, and fun. We are a family of professionals working collectively to foster an entrepreneurial mindset in children at an early age.