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Dedicated to connecting boat owners with new world travelers around the globe


Online revenue sharing platform with minimal service fees (12-18%) offering unmatched boat offers
Starting from year 1 of operation - potential company gross annual revenue of $1.4m
Recreational boating is projected to grow from $26.7 billion in 2019 to $33.8 billion by 2027
Launching marketplace this summer 2021! Exhibiting at the Palma International Boat Show June 3-6!
Unique go-to-market powered by a 1% lifetime commission on all bookings made by referred travelers
Exclusive licensing rights starting at $30,000 - 50,000 with 1% lifetime commissions per booking
Navisyo’s offering is now officially insured by the TigerMark insurance policy backed by AXA XL

Our Team

Navisyo is not just another project. It was born out of a passion for the seas and fueled by the sincere desire to make the world a more enjoyable, healthier and safer place. We also believe in an environment-friendly approach to business by giving back to the marine world and its communities.

Navisyo - The Story

Navisyo was conceived, during a self-reflective and inspiring voyage on the seas, when our founder underwent a personal ‘awakening’ and decided to share with the world his new found passion for the simple, yet powerful, benefits that Mother Nature’s waterways can offer humanity - if we allow ourselves the chance to truly reconnect with her natural healing environment.

During this restorative journey, Alexander also discovered that there are thousands of boaters around the world right now, who are painfully struggling on their ‘sailing kitty’ and who would welcome the opportunity to turn their unique lifestyles and costly passion into a sustainable income.

The Navisyo concept was henceforth born

Navisyo was created with the primal desire to connect both of these worlds and change the unfounded perception that recreational boating is mostly for the ‘rich and famous’ by allowing committed boat owners to exclusively open up beds and/or shared spaces on their boats to eager travelers, looking for different ways to travel and who wish to experience a 'boater’s dream' without the inhibiting costs - all whilst being able to earn lifetime commissions, themselves , every single time they share the concept with like-minded people.

How it Works

The Navisyo platform will allow the world to sign up for free and join the dynamic and trusted Navisyo community. New community members will then be able to search for, or post, budget-friendly boat offers through three distinguishable options:

  • Floatel stays (entire boat or cabin accommodations) in selected marinas, private docks or moorings, around the world, with or without the boat owners on board.
  • Voyage opportunities to share an overnight authentic journey, from point A to point B, on all waterways, with the boat owners in addition to daytime experiences on the water.
  • Event spaces on a boat, whether for private or corporate celebrations, as a fun alternative to standard venues

In addition to our territorial community forums, focused on connecting people through panel discussions and shared authentic experiences, we will also fully implement a traveler/boater dual review infrastructure as well as the highly coveted “5-star review” system.

A Sustainable Profit Sharing Business Model for a Win-Win

Our open source business model was partly inspired by both ‘Airbnb’ and ‘BlaBlaCar', two of the world’s leading disruptive innovators in the people-to-people marketplace, also known as a two-sided platform.

However, Navisyo clearly distinguishes itself, from all others, by approaching the marketplace with a genuine appeal to our sense of humanity and altruism, by engaging the masses and sharing company revenues with our open source community, thus allowing each of our members a chance to be part of an exciting and prosperous future!

Our vision, to unite, share and prosper together in making boating affordable and accessible to one and all, is grand and with this comes a great responsibility for transparency, authenticity, integrity and humility.

Navisyo will not be a faceless, online brokerage platform but intends to redefine the world of travel, by harnessing the power of human connections and real-life experiences, within a community, unlike any other, driven by:

  • Our motto of ‘keeping it authentic” for a true win-win experience for all
  • Our minimal online service fees projected to be between 12% to 18% depending on the territory 
  • Our straightforward 1% lifetime commission awarded to our Ambassadors for all bookings made by referred travelers - free, without qualifying criteria or having to reach quotas
  • Our global Key Partner licensing program which will generate a straightforward 1% lifetime commission for all bookings made with the registered boat owners within an exclusive territory 
  • Our powerful go-to-market strategy for each individual territory - through live events, workshops, coaching seminars and webinars conducted by the founder himself 
  • Our territory specific online community forums where travelers and boat owners will be able to share real-life experiences and offer recommendations to the Navisyo community
  • Our dedicated team of experienced professionals with combined talents in the travel, hospitality and boating industries
  • Our field assistance, guidance and support to all our boat owners during the recruitment process in order to help them individually tailor realistic and authentic boat offers for the Navisyo community
  • Our strategic partnerships with leading social media networks/apps, online travel booking platforms and marinas all over the world
  • Our visually beautiful, intuitive and user-friendly front-end web design, accompanied by a powerful back-end fully scalable structure
  • Our love for the oceans and it's marine life - we are fully committed to giving back to marine protection and conservation through educational programs and financial support

Here Ike Stranathan's personal message to all potential investors.

The Covid-19 Crisis - A Window of Opportunity

As our company is being launched, the worldwide travel industry is experiencing a historic downfall and the greatest recession mankind has ever faced. Although the Covid-19 crisis has disrupted an entire world economy, we also know that the leisure travel segments will never disappear - but future travel trends will have to be adapted to the wants and needs of this new world.

The recreational boating industry, being an important part of this world economy, has not been spared and will now need innovative and customized solutions to remedy the financial crisis they have experienced and will continue facing.

This is exactly why the timing for Navisyo is pertinent and offers a unique window of opportunity in addressing many of the problems this pandemic will leave behind:

  • Travelers whose past travel plans have been disrupted, will now seek more affordable, more accessible and more sensible travel options, as a means to escape and heal from this impasse - in a more natural and isolated environment, thus a safer and healthier one, which is exactly what the boating world provides.
  • Millions of boat owners and chartering companies with large unused inventory will now, more than ever, welcome additional income from this open source community, which will in turn allow them to keep their boats and uphold their passion and lifestyles.
  • Navisyo will also be committed in providing boat owners with the necessary up-to-date technology and the required field assistance training for all the necessary precautionary cleaning measures and protocols, set forth by the latest pandemic.
  • Healthy oceans are critical in sustaining lives, eliminating poverty and promoting prosperity. The time has come to turn our words into actions by supporting world initiatives to combat marine litter, conserve and manage marine environments and protect marine life. It is with this purpose, that we are fully committed to attributing a part of our profits to marine conservation. Further research is required, in order to find the right organisations, however, a serious first contender would be the non-profit organisation

What we have achieved so far...

  • December 2019: Navisyo concept is created
  • January 2020: market study, business plan and financial projections completed
  • February 2020: website design and development commences
  • April 2020: Navisyo sets up an LLC in the state of Florida
  • June 2020: brand development and logo creation
  • June 2020: creation of all promotional eBrochures and program marketing tool kits
  • July 2020: promotional video completed in two languages (English and Spanish)
  • August 2020: full global insurance coverage proposal from Lloyds Group
  • August 2020: first Key Partners identified for our territories in the U.S., Spain/Portugal, France and Greece
  • September 2020: desktop beta version completed in English (
  • December 18, 2020: our Wefunder crowdfunding efforts begins
  • In 3 weeks since its crowdfunding launch $160,0000 was raised.
  • In 90 days of our active Wefunder campaign, over $500,000 was reached. 
  • Backed by nearly 928 private investors on Wefunder from 40 countries in just 180 days.
  • NAVISYO’s offering is now officially insured by the TigerMark insurance policy backed by AXA XL, the 2nd largest commercial insurance company in the world!
  • Official announcement, Navisyo is launching its pilot territory in the Balearic Islands in Spain Summer 2021 and launching the Onboarding for Boat Owners starting June 3-6 at the Palma International Boat Show.
  • Official announcement, Navisyo is launching 100+ offers on the booking site and the Official Group site will permanently reside on on August 10, 2021 

Exciting updates which are sure to become major turning points in the Navisyo ascension will soon be unveiled...

We are almost there! Our next steps...

Our Wefunder campaign target is to raise a minimum of $75,000 in order for us to go-to-market:

  • pre-launch our official marketplace (first quarter 2021)
  • pre-sell exclusive licensing agreements to all our early adopters for the initial launch territories (negotiations for several territories are currently underway)
  • Mobile version is launched in May 2021.
  • complete our beta version of the iOS & Android apps by end 2021 
  • boat owner recruitments, onsite assistance and support for our pilot territory by June 2021 
  • go-to-market and launch of our pilot territory by June 2021
  • deployment of all 11 remaining territories by May 2022 (although this exact number cannot be guaranteed due to the ongoing Covid crisis)

Our Go-to-Market Strategy

Navisyo’s ‘go-to-market strategy’ will strongly draw on the founder’s extensive network of highly valued assets - specialized in recruiting online users/members, who are more than eager to act as Navisyo Ambassadors and Influencers.

Upon reaching our minimum Wefunder campaign goal ($75,000), we aim to complete the Navisyo online market platform final desktop version, along with its mobile-friendly version. We also hope to start the sales of our exclusive Key Partner licenses for all of our initial start-up territories in the U.S., Spain, France, Italy and Greece. During the first year, exclusive licensing rights will be sold to our early adopters at a discounted fee ranging from 20,000 - 50,000 USD per territory, thus ensuring sustainable funding and support for upcoming territory launches. Several territories are currently under negotiation and we will carefully choose and strategically launch these, one at a time, in order to avoid a ‘diluted market’ situation. A minimum number of authentic boat offers per territory will be needed in order for us to go-to-market and launch a destination.

The Ambassador Program will then be deployed through a series of live events and online seminars - personally hosted by Alexander (Navisyo’s founder), who has more than 10 years experience as a recognized motivational speaker. Millions of people will be exposed to the Navisyo concept in order to power up our user base and allow our early adopters to jump start their referral initiatives and/or secure their exclusive licensing rights, ahead of the program’s first official launch.

It is projected that we will need $1,070,000 in order to scale our operations outside of our pilot territory, Balearic Islands, Spain to other territories.  As we are now launching our pilot territory (test phase projected to take 3-6 months), every Navisyo member and/or partner will have the opportunity to immediately start sharing company revenues we expect to be generating 3-4 quarter of 2021. These projections cannot be guaranteed.

Our Ambassador Rewards Program

Today, with the explosion of social media, an average person has over 5,000 social network connections which represents an incredible marketing opportunity for Navisyo, as each one of these individuals has a lot more power than they may think.

This is exactly why the Ambassador Rewards Program was created - in order to allow each member the chance to participate and forcefully contribute to Navisyo’s expansion by earning a lifetime 1% commission per referred booking. Imagine if Airbnb had shared their success and revenue with the millions of users around the globe. How many lives would have been changed forever?

Our Ambassador level is an ‘open to all’ invitation, with no financial commitment or hidden qualifying criteria to reach. Individuals from all walks of life can sign up for free and will receive private access to a back office where they will find our promotional tool kits, as well as a unique ‘referral link’, in order to effortlessly share the concept and encourage others to sign up for free too.

Our Navisyo Key Partner Licensing Program

Confused about the direction of our new world? Want to figure out the best way to navigate through this post-crisis era? You may have just found the right company to partner with.

Navisyo's Key Partner licensing program is built for expansion with minimal costs and maximum returns. Our key partners will be able to secure their exclusive territories in just 30 days and immediately start earning up to 3% commission per booking made within their territory.

Navisyo's exclusive territory licensing rights, ranging from $20,000 to $50,000 (for all of our early adopters), will provide new world entrepreneurs with the opportunity of becoming a part of a worldwide community-based company, powered by technology, who aims to redefine the world of travel - an industry worth billions of dollars. 



To us, it is apparent that the world is changing at a dramatic pace and that traditional business approaches will soon become obsolete. The time has come to learn from past mistakes, turn the boat around and navigate towards the unprecedented travel and financial benefits that our innovative business model has to offer. 

Navisyo will ultimately strive to inspire and empower all boat owners and new world travelers to come together and help make the world of travel a safer and healthier place - all whilst changing the financial lives of a community, thus leaving behind a legacy we can all be proud of.

We cordially invite you to join us on this incredibly exciting journey in making our vision a reality.

Welcome to the NEW WORLD of Navisyo!