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Overt Skincare

A D2C skincare company with market and press validation. Big retailer interest.

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Month on month revenue growth of 167% reaching exceeding $15,000 MMR with profitable P&L
Samples requested by Target, Ulta, CVS, Von Maur and many more retailers.
Featured on Yahoo, Forbes, Reader's Digest, Refinery29, Byrdie, CR Fashion Book, Coveteur.
Former PR director for too-faced cosmetics (sold to Estee Lauder for $1.6 billion)
95% of common skin issues solved. Looking to do line extensions of the same active ingredients.
Proprietary formulations built to make skincare simpler, and easier.
Highly profitable unit economics to disrupt a fragmented and slow-moving industry

Our Team

Background in working for some of Europe's top startups. Creatively launching products in the fintech and consumer goods spaces. He has worked with Kearney (PCE Labs) in the designing of market research and customer value propositioning.
We chose skincare because we are passionate about it. We both have struggled with skin issues in the past and did not find suitable products that were both well-formulated and effective.
Giselle has significant experience both starting and exiting startups in the Latin American market. Her background in marketing, luxury goods, and community building gives her an understanding of our target consumer. Ex-Richemont (Marketing/Sales)

We started with an idea in 2019.

We prototyped, developed, and eventually launched in July of 2020.

First, we saw a massive problem.

When you walk into any department store, you are greeted with a huge amount of confusing cosmetics companies often owned by a few larger operating groups. They depend on consumer confusion to sell products that are often only differentiated by price. 

We started Overt to change that. A transparent, effective, and charitable company designed to deliver extraordinary value directly to consumers. But first, we needed to develop our products.

We used personal funds to begin the development of what we really thought would change the skincare world. We worked with a lab with two PhDs and four chemical engineers to develop our world-class skincare line. The idea was simple, solve 95% of common skincare issues with only five products. This made us unique. 

We saw that most skincare companies have hundreds of products only really differentiated by price. We knew that if we could curate the product selection and offer a much more limited range of products, at fair prices, that would attract consumers who previously felt disenfranchised by the opaqueness of the beauty industry. 

This is what makes us truly different, a company focused on essentials that actually work, at a price that is fair and accessible. We don't need you to have a PhD to understand what our products do, we name them so they are self explanatory. They are compatible with all skin types and we've seen that resonate.

The reception is great!

We quickly garnered acclaim and recommendations from Forbes, Yahoo, Refinery29, Byrdie, and a lot more tier A media outlets. 

This summer, treat yourself to this organic Hyaluronic Acid Serum that will work wonders on your skin - Forbes
An organic product that delivers a heft dose of hyaluronic acid to your skin - a little goes a long way - Reader's Digest
But before now, the Latinx consumer hasn't been fully represented in the beauty space [...] which is why entrepreneurs took it upon themselves to create new brands that speak directly to their specific needs. - Yahoo

Beauty editors were raving about our product and how straightforward and simple it was to use. We knew we had hit it on the head, but now, we needed to expand. 

We had our initial traction with direct to consumer sales, but we wanted to expand further, to build healthy cash flow and further differentiate our products from competitors. Our first month saw our initial sales at almost ten times the industry standard. From there, we have built a loyal community each and every month that act as ambassadors for our product. Our monthly traction continues to grow while our operating costs continue to shrink. We want to expand and bring Overt to more people.

We started working on B2B deals.

We started working on closing B2B deals to bring our products closer to our consumers so they could experience them in person. We started rapidly bringing our skincare to new markets like Belgium, Spain, and Mexico. 

But that wasn't enough, we wanted more. We began working with a B2B partner with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. We are in talks to expand our product placement to stores all over the United States, and with the help of Wefunder, we can make this happen. 

We want to expand!

In October of 2020 we decided to expand. We want to bring our industry-changing skincare to more people and expand our R&D and production here in the United States. We want to develop our product portfolio using those same core ingredients to offer further products at an affordable price. 

We are working towards fully sustainable profitability while investing in the expansion of key product categories to build a suite of world-class skincare. That is why we've come to Wefunder - to partner together with you, the investors, and build a company that will change the personal care industry for the better. Our fundraise will be allocated into separate categories. The use of the funds will go to further research and development of our expanded product line, more marketing material, the natural increase in operating expenses as our team grows, and building a sustainable B2B sales force to propel Overt to the next level. 

We're a growing team and thank you for choosing Overt!