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Invest in Period Piece Film

Period Piece based on a true story


High-quality PR team, marketing team, and crew.
Book coming out to boost IP.
Our team is filled with Emmy winners, Oscar Nominees, and rising stars.
Since COVID-19 halted productions, streaming services and distributors are hungry for new content.
We have relationships with distributors, sales agents, and agencies, so we will find a home.
There is a need for Black period peices.
Producers' credits include work on ABC's Single Parents, FX Network, CW, Lionsgate and Hulu.
Casting Director's Credits include Empire (Fox), The United States vs. Billie Holiday (Theatircal).

Our Team

This story came from Bri Seamster's love for the renaissance and medieval times but failing to see people that looked like her. Strong Black female and male characters or people of color were missing. There is a huge market for this and We are ready to provide.

A story to make history...

If I follow the inclination of my nature, it is this: beggar-woman and single, far rather than queen and married. - Elizabeth I


In 14th century Belgium, the daughter of a ruling family attempts to chart her own course for life, unaware of the plans that fate and politics have in a world that doesn’t accept the color of her skin.


Underrepresentation Of the Black Presence In Medieval Period Pieces

Director Josie Rourke agreed that people of color were very prominent in the 14th Century (Williams, 2018). They were most likely “employed black servants, [...] musicians, and even [...] chambermaid[s]”. She claimed she would not “ an all-white period drama [...]”. The majority of the media, literature and entertainment that is displayed do not give the chance to shine. Rourke casted a black actor to play the role of Queen Elizabeth's Ambassador (Williams, 2018). She aided in breaking the ceiling of the “historical norm”. Think of Belle (directed by Amma Asante) or Bridgerton (by Shonda Rhimes). More stories like these need to emerge!


The struggle for power, fear, and anticipation of Queen Elizabeth leading a nation assumed in The Crown ...the tense nature of war and revenge that consumes Ragnar Lothbrok as he embarks on raids in Vikings… the betrayals that Rachel Chu felt when ostracized because of tradition, but the deep love she felt with Nick in Crazy Rich Asians...the constant criticism faced by Dido Elizabeth Lindsey as a woman and a mixed-race royal in Belle...the adventure, coming of age, and friendship of Bridge to Terabithia.

Cinematic, emotional, and grounded in character, this film is a love letter to the golden era of Oprah Winfrey and Ava Duvernay --- a marriage of exposing controversies within black history and adventure of period dramas.

We hope you will be along for this groundbreaking journey!