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Invest in Rad A.I.

Content AI Platform for Marketing Teams


Recurring MRR; Q4 revenue >$347k
Over $3.4m raised; investors Fidelity, Expert Dojo, MaRS Fund, and over 1100 Wefunder investors
12 month run rate revenue is >$2m; Revenue growth of 300% from 2020 to 2021
Enterprise contracts w/ UBS, Accenture, JackpotCity, DignityHealth, Magellan Health and NCM
Recently acquired Atomic Reach; a content AI technology company based in Toronto
The highest rated Natural Language Generation (NLG) models; 30% better efficacy Google Bert
Advertisers average 250%+ incremental performance lift w/ RAD AI analysis, insights and recipe

Our Team

I used over 20 “agencies” over a 4 year time frame while running Trendy Butler (exit '17). The common throughline was mediocre performance. For this reason, I learned digital marketing and how to make sense of the creative and data. Fast forward to the Atomic Reach merger, we both knew the AI solution for content was the missing RAD ingredient.


Digital content marketing influences every decision that we, as internet users decide on. Whether consciously or not, content marketing drives what consumers buy, read and engage with online. In short, content and language matters when trying to influence a purchase decision.

RAD AI, which stands for Remove All Doubt was born January of 2018 after RAD CEO Jeremy Barnett exited his previous venture in 2017. Together, with an A+ team that had already gone to war together, the RAD mission to improve content advertising was born.

Sometimes things are just meant to happen. After carefully gathering several proof points, RAD and Atomic Reach decided to formally partner up and merge. The hypothesis being that together, we'd form the most powerful content AI known to humans. More about our content AI below and how it's efficacy performs 30% better than Google's language AI, better known as [Bert].

Two highly motivated founders are better than one. An amazing sales and business development infrastructure thrives when selling an innovative product that delivers measurable ROI performance.

As a result of the merger, the Rad AI product offering is both highly differentiated and proprietary. Our collective mission remains constant; to improve the content marketing performance with certainty for each and every RAD client. But what we are most excited about are the client wins. These wins justify our mission, business model and growth plans.

Click here to see how RAD AI works for Healthcare Enterprises.

Our founding team has successfully built online businesses using a combination of paid social advertising, content creation and influencer marketing. Our work has been featured on TechCrunch, Facebook Business, Entrepreneur,, Vanity Fair, Voyage LA, HuffPost, Marketing AI Institute, B2B News Network, TechVibes, The Next Web, Content Marketing Leaders, Curata, CBS and IT World Canada.

Both founders (Jeremy and Bradley) have each spent over a decade in digital media. Over the years, we've felt the pain associated with digital advertising, content creation and the performance problems associated.

Big issues like...

  • What language should be used in my content marketing and why?
  • Overly dependent on social platforms like FB/IG/TT/GG
  • Who influences the topics my customers care about and why?
  • What topics and trends should content be created about and why?
  • How do I know if my content marketing strategy is working?

Even with the problems listed above, brands continue to increase spending each year across strategic content investments.

The Problems with Content Marketing

Moreover, marketing tactics like influencer marketing have become expensive and hard to measure. Performance inconsistency and attribution issues across platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google are equally troubling. These challenges are standard across most digital marketing environments for online brands.

RAD AI transforms these problems with by using propietary Machine Learning (ML) to create content your customers love. More simply put, imagine if you knew the right language, words and content that needed to be communicated to attract your ideal customer.

Sounds too hard to understand? Learn more about AI and content marketing by reading our RAD AI Whitepaper here.

Here’s how the RAD AI algorithm works. First, we identify the language, topics and sentiment patterns that will reliably deliver a material increase in the brands content marketing performance. A more technical explanation of this process is called “nonlinear regression analysis” that is centrally focused on your content performance history.

And second, when applying the RAD AI (analysis and recipe) to content versus other methods, we deliver more sales and better content performance.

This short tutorial shows RAD AI in action!

Traction and revenue validates the problem we solve....

We believe that new revenue, client renewals and growth is what validates a viable business model. Our traction and client performance point towards a business that is at the beginning of hockey stick growth. We’ve already doubled revenue from 2021 to 2022 and have a $2.1m run rate over the next 12 months. Clients are renewing and average order values (AOVs) are increasing.

*Run Rate projections are forward thinking statements

Both Revenue and contract value are growing fast....

Since the merger our combined product offering has drastically improved the average contract value per client. These proof points are exciting as we expect contract values to continue to increase.

AI and machine learning (ML) continues to entrench themselves into the content strategies for today’s most relevant brands. RAD AI is getting traction and people have taken notice.

We are proud of the work we do and enterprise clients are adopting RAD AI.

The total addressable market for content marketing exceeds $40bn yearly. Moving into 2022, growth is projected >14% CAGR. While this growth is impressive, artificial intelligence (AI) revenue and market size will grow from $30bn to $299bn during the period of 2021-2026.

Right place, right time and RAD AI is positioned to be the gold standard content AI platform.

If some of you are thinking it’s impossible to have built something so valuable, so fast… you’re right (well, mostly right). If you support RAD, you’re most certainly aware of the recent merger with Atomic Reach. To this point, the merger was technically a stock acquisition. Put even more simply, Rad Intelligence acquired Atomic Reach for stock. Let's take a closer look at what this means from a client and product perspective.

  • Atomic Reach was originally founded in 2012
  • Over >$21m invested into technology platform (now Rad AI) prior to the merger/acquisition
  • Atomic Reach (now RAD AI) machine learning (ML) and language models tested at 30% improvement over Google Bert, respectively
  • Proof of concept validation + successful enterprise client tests include Accenture, Golf Town, Dignity Health, UBS, Magellan Health and Digi Outsource
  • In August of 2021, Atomic Reach was acquired by RAD AI
5/yr Growth Projections

Our new business model has transformed client revenue and renewal rates in less than 6 months. Most importantly, our model and product offering has created relationship dependencies with each of our clients.

This means client transaction revenue converts into long term contracts after the proof of concept. This value creation turns into a mutually valuable relationship that is underpinned by one (1) year contract commitments

We love our clients, and they love us. It’s a technology romance driven by AI innovation, content performance and an A+ customer success team.

Marketing teams at enterprise brands are constantly tasked with creating consistent, high performing content. Below are examples of how enterprise brands use RAD AI to improve their content marketing.

See our eCommerce case study here.

Case study for eCommerce viral influencer moments

See how Accenture, the worlds largest professional services firm used RAD AI to improve thier content marketing.

See our case study with Accenture here.

Accenture case study

We are proud of the work we've done and love to show it off. See more content and influencer marketing case studies here.

RAD AI Marketing Resources
RAD AI Content Case Studies
RAD AI Influencer Marketing

Growth plans are squarely focused on expanding our product offering to service increased demand for new and existing RAD clients. As more clients adopt, more opportunities to increase the contract value will arise. It's go time!

See our product roadmap just below....

Since the merger, we’ve doubled revenue and increased our run rate by 3x. The market opportunity is getting larger by the year and we are poised to be the gold standard content AI platform for marketers.

By investing in RAD AI now, you get to participate in the upside alongside VCs, financial institutions, professional investors and recognized industry leaders.

For those of you that know us, you know we are committed to transparency and communication no matter how big or small the investor. Opportunities to invest into the leading content AI software are rare.

Our time has come and we want you to join us!

Investor perks range from $1000 to $25,000 thresholds. Here’s what you get!

  • $1000 - Become a marketing expert and get exclusive access to 3 private panels where you can ask today’s smartest marketing minds about content marketing and the tactics they use.
  • $5000 - Enjoy the perks of $1000 + get one 3o minute (1 on 1 session) to discuss your digital businesses marketing challenges and goals. Our team of experts will show you how to publish AI-optimized content that speaks to your audience. Use it for yourself or gift the perk to a colleague.
  • $10,000 - All the perks listed above plus get 2 months access to our AI platform. This perk includes AI content training as if you are a paying customer. Use it for yourself or gift the perk to a colleague.
  • $25,000 - Enjoy the perks of $1000, $5000, $10,000 and participate in quarterly investor updates hosted by our founding team. You’ll be able to ask questions as the company grows. Included with this perk is a lunch date (in person or virtual, depedning on location) with RAD AI CEO, Jeremy Barnett.

RAD Exit Strategy:

We believe brands should raise money to fuel measurable growth. As RAD AI CEO, it is my responsibility to ensure our vision bleeds through every interaction, moment and client deliverable.

Our RAD team is committed to delivering a return for each investor. We have goals and the team to bring the company to the public markets within 5 years time. As we all know, nothing is certain and predicting the future is impossible...


You should know that our entire team will work tirelessly for you every step of the way. Most of you that have gotten to know us already understand how we think and operate.

This mindset will not change as our mission is to get every supporter (no matter how big or small) the absolute best return on their investment.

This is our commitment to you.


We know our valuation is attractive. We’ve been told we could raise at 2X the listed valuation for this round. As such, AI technology and software companies consistently raise at 15-50x ARR.

The following points further demonstrate shareholder value:

  • Our teams talent is rare
  • The technology and IP is a defensible moat
  • Experienced management
  • Several client proof points and enterprise clients

Delivering value is important to the founding team. For this reason, we’ve priced this round attractively at 8x our revenue run rate (for early bird terms).

For those of you that support our mission, we want to return the sentiment. This is our thank you for being an early supporter and we want to reward you for believing in our RAD team.

We hope you see how important this mission is to each stakeholder. As management, we’ve taken businesses to exit several times and made plenty of lessons along the way.

Bottom line... we’ve priced our round conservatively to create meaningful upside for each investor. We hope you join our RAD journey!