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Invest in RYSE Creative Village Atlanta

A content production studio & development incubator designed for aspiring creatives.


Project is led by a successful minority-owned media & marketing company that has a client list of notable brands.
Closed on the purchase of a 30,000 sf former school campus from Atlanta Public Schools in May 2020
Strong management team with a proven track record of experience in media, entertainment, technology and real estate.
Revitalization of an abandon property in a previously underserved community, creating living wage jobs.
15% targeted internal rate of return (IRR).
$7.5 Million in documented commitments from institutional lenders. $3 million in grant like equity.
Project serves Georgia’s multi-billion-dollar creative arts industry.
Early investors earn the first right of refusal to invest in future locations.

Our Team

We envision RCV as a resource for curating & cultivating local, diverse creatives – helping them get connected to significant opportunities in the creative arts industry. Part of a much larger ecosystem of resources for local creatives, similar to what accelerator programs have done in fostering the development of tech start-up founders.

Our Story

RYSE Creative Village (RCV) is the future site of a dynamic content production studio and development incubator specifically designed for creatives in Georgia’s multi-billion dollar film, music, gaming, tech and digital media industry

Specifically designed to serve a number of creative industry disciplines, the 40,000 S.F. facility will include multiple production studios, a green screen, photography studios, a virtual reality studio, a gaming center, podcasting rooms, a recording studio, a screening theater, editing suites, meeting/ lecture spaces, a cafe and a creative co-working space.

The former public school, which has sat vacant for 17 years, will have new life as an eco-system for content creation, developing the next generation of creative minds.

Production Spaces - RCV is designed to be an epicenter for content creation. Each of the production spaces will be acoustically-engineered to maximize the quality of the content being produced.

It will be equipped to provide creatives and production companies with all the tools they need, all in one place.

Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality/ Gaming Center - Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) provide new ways for people to interact with information and media. As gaming (Esports) and the adoption of 360 degree content continues to rise, we are creating a space within RCV for our members to enjoy, experiment with, and create immersive content.

Members will have access to workstations representing the current major VR platforms, a 360 Degree VR camera, software and other equipment relevant to immersive makership, ensuring EVERYONE has access to these innovative resources.

Curated Programming - RCV is partnering with educational institutions, industry professionals and workforce development programs to provide creatives with access to developmental opportunities.

From technical skills training to business development classes, our goal is to ensure creatives have the resources they need to build a successful career.

Creative Community - Having the right Rolodex maximizes your ability to succeed. From connecting with others who share similar mindsets yet different skill-sets, to individuals who could facilitate an introduction that could significantly change your career, success is something rarely achieved alone.

Community is one of the most important aspects of RYSE Creative Village.

Shared Kitchen - Culinary Arts is truly a creative gift. At RCV we are restoring the property’s former school kitchen and reinventing it into a space to foster and develop rising, creative foodprenuers.

Members will have access to a fully-equipped shared commercial kitchen, reservable private work spaces, lockable storage, business resources to grow their business and access to opportunities to provide craft services (catering) to local film/ television productions.

Access to Opportunity - For close to a decade, RYSE has worked with notable brands to develop media and marketing campaigns that authentically engage niche audiences. As we continue to establish relationships with companies big and small, it is our goal to connect our members to paid opportunities.

Not only do we want to help creatives develop their skill-sets, we want to help them get paid to utilize them.

The Problem

There is currently no physical production space that provides Atlanta's creative community with a place to connect, create content, collaborate on concepts' and monetize.

Atlanta Tech Village, Tech Square, and Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) are among the resources that provided this support for the tech startup community and have since become top ecosystems of their kind in the South East region, creating over 10k jobs. 

The Opportunity

RYSE Creative Village will provide this resource for Atlanta's creative community, arguably the largest 'untapped' community in Atlanta, which established the highly sought-after culture of the city and is an engine that conservatively generates $62.5 billion* in economic impact. 

Our greater vision is to establish a nationwide ecosystem of tools, resources, support and access to opportunities that will allow creatives to achieve success utilizing their talents and gifts. 

The Property

A 4-acre playground for the creative mind.

A proven model for success.

Timeline and Traction

2017: The idea for RYSE Creative Village is birth. The search for a building that will house the vision is launched.

May 2018: After an extensive search, a former Atlanta Public School property is identified as a potential location for RYSE Creative Village’s first Atlanta location.

May 2020: RYSE officially closes on the former school property in the midst of a global pandemic.

June 2021: RYSE opens up the opportunity for the community to participate in the redevelopment via a crowdfunding campaign.

Fall 2021: Project is scheduled to break ground on Phase I of redevelopment.

Spring 2022: Scheduled opening of Phase I.

Our team has spent the past three years working to bring the RYSE Creative Village vision to life. We have made tremendous progress during that time.

The Investment

This is NOT a donation. This is an equity investment, giving you an incremental ownership stake in the project for as little as $100.

Our Preferred rate of return is 15% annually with dividends being paid quarterly upon cash flow. This is how that compares to your savings account, public bonds, and public REITs.

We wanted to offer a little something special for those who come on board early, in a significant way. Along with a reduced evaluation, for those who come in during our early-bird window, here are a few additional perks.

The Company - RYSE is a minority-owned media, marketing, and communications company committed to storytelling that authentically connecting with the hearts and minds of multi-cultural audiences.

Since 2011, our team of storytellers, creatives, and strategists have worked to develop and uncover unique stories that reflect the various layers of our culture and redefine stereotypes.

We serve a diverse demographic of people who desire to see, hear and understand themselves through the empowering images they see in today’s media. We partner with the companies who genuinely value and align with those authentic perspectives.