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Red Hat Coffee

Uniquely flavored, vegan friendly, RTD oat milk lattes

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💰Annualized revenue run rate of $800K in 2020. Projecting 2022 revenue between $1.3M-$2.6M.
🌱Our health focused products are low in calories & sugar, gluten-free, dairy-free, all-natural.
🎯Authorized in ~225 Target stores that service a population of 30 million people in CA, NY, & TX.
🎯Approved for 200 7-Eleven stores in the North Atlantic region starting Q1 2022.
🛒Launched in Target in 2018, Amazon (July 2020), H-E-B (January 2021), and Whole Foods (March 2021).
☕️Our focus on uniquely flavored coffee beverages is in line with consumer desires.
♻️Oat milk puts us on a path to reach global climate goals of cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Team

We have simple goals that we aim for relentlessly: to make coffee delicious, to only use plant-based ingredients, and to spark delight in a daily routine, all while encouraging your creative endeavors along the way. We aim to create coffee that lifts your spirits while energizing you through your lively pursuits.


Say hello to our co-founders, Ryan King and James Darenkamp, both based in Austin, Texas.
Meet the Founders
We create uniquely-flavored, healthy, sustainable and practical coffee products.
About Our Products
Our Churro Oat Milk Latte has a new logo, new packaging and and formulation, all while remaining vegan and gluten-free.
Sneak Peak: Churro
Our Peanut Butter Oat Milk Latte has a new logo, new packaging and and formulation, all while remaining vegan and gluten-free.
Sneak Peak: Peanut Butter
Energy Support, Stress Management, and Focus+Mental Clarity are our three top functions.
Future Product Line: Functional Lattes
Our vegan-friendly nootropics line will provide functional benefits such as focus, calmness, & energy
Sneak Peak: Functional Line
Target audience of female millennials ages 25-34. Brand Values are sustainability, creativity and community.
Brand Elements
Our coffee is available in Target, Whole Foods, HEB and Amazon
Where to Find Us
Our E-commerce is served through two platforms: Amazon and our Shopify website. Our Average Order Value, Cost Per Order, Customer Acquisition Cost and Repurchase Rate are listed below
We are headed to Whole Foods, Costco, 7-Elevon and AATAC through current and new relationships and approval of our oat milk lattes.
Where We Are Headed
Our retail opportunities are expanding to Costco, AATAC, Whole Foods and HEB.
2022 Retail Opportunities
Explore the data supporting RTD coffee and Nootropics as growing CPG sectors.
Market Opportunity - Coffee and Nootropics
Financial Forecast of $50 million in revenue by 2026. RTD coffee and nootropics markets.
Financial Forecast
Co-packer partnership with Kerry, the world's leading taste and nutrition company. Current capacity of 80M unites annually. Access to the industry's largest functional ingredient and flavor portfolio with a global footprint. Access to 1000 food scientists and product development specialists. Full solution partner.
Co-packer Partnership