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Invest in RIZOME

Climate-positive bamboo building supply company building the cities of the future

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🎋 Global leader in bamboo-engineered lumber
♻️ Hundreds of residential developments successfully built out of bamboo
👣 Every $1,000 invested offsets your carbon footprint for a year
🌱 Impact investing: Support mission to sequester 10 gigatons of CO2 by 2050
🌎 Support Indigenous Land Rights & create regenerative circular economies globally
💹 Perfect time: lumber prices at an all-time high and rapidly accelerating $1T addressable market
🏆 Competitive edge: 70% lower cost of production & the largest bamboo supply in the world
📫 Featured on CNBC News, the Climate Fix, & more

Our Team

Our team is committed to ecological, climate, and community health. We have dedicated our lives to creating circular economies that work for everyone. Bamboo is amazing: it grows 10x faster than trees, regrows after harvest, and is 2.5x the strength/weight ratio as steel.


The global construction industry is an ecological disaster…

Buildings are the single largest source of global carbon emissions. Steel and cement constitute 15% of emissions, and wood requires massive, unsustainable deforestation. Lumber prices have soared to an all-time high, and demand is growing rapidly due to population expansion, rural flight, and climate migration.

At RIZOME, we’re leading an unprecedented revolution in construction. We’re planting one of the largest carbon sequestration projects on the planet, scaling engineered bamboo lumber into a primary global construction material, and building the first climate-positive buildings and cities.

Bamboo is twice as strong as wood, with 2.5x the tensile strength of steel. This means we can build cheaper, taller, and safer buildings than ever before. At RIZOME, we’ve developed the first scalable engineered bamboo lumber after two decades of materials science, sourcing, regulatory compliance, and innovation.

Bamboo is an exceptional building material that’s great for the planet. The more we harvest, the faster it grows, sequestering carbon at the highest drawdown rate of any known plant or technology, restoring watersheds, providing wildlife habitat, and supporting small farmers and indigenous communities.

Our goal is to draw 10 gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere by 2050—that’s ~1% of the total man-made greenhouse gas emissions. How? Bamboo sequesters 10x more carbon than trees do, restores watersheds, prevents erosion, and uses only 8% of the land area required to produce the same amount of wood.

Anything wood can build, bamboo can build better, stronger, and more sustainably—for the same price. This $1 trillion building materials market is in a stage of hyper growth, pushed to unprecedented levels of demand through a combination of soaring lumber prices and growing eco-consciousness.

Our investors agree that modern development doesn’t have to be a compromise between ecological health and human wellbeing and creativity. RIZOME gives investors a winning combination of team, vision, traction, and competitive edge, along with the opportunity to be part of building a more sustainable future.

500 residences built through our sister company, Bamboo Living

Our stellar team includes serial entrepreneurs, eco-specialists, engineering experts, and many more. Through our sister company, Bamboo Living, we’ve built 500 bamboo residential developments and perfected our approach over 25 years—and we’re just getting started...

We harvest the best giant bamboo in the world from a vast network of small farmers and indigenous groups throughout SE Asia. After splitting, treating, and bonding, our final product is long-lasting, fire-resistant, and earthquake-proof plywood and thick timbers—at a 70% lower cost than our closest competitors.

We currently produce our lumber in the Philippines, and we hope to fund our second and third factories here—the third which will be the largest bamboo manufacturing facility in the world. Then, we expand into other countries in 2021 and 2022 and ultimately to the skies with the world’s first bamboo skyscrapers.*

*These projections cannot be guaranteed.

The world is on the brink of a bamboo revolution, and RIZOME is at the core of this revolution. By investing now, you get the opportunity to grow your investment in this exciting, rapidly growing market, while contributing to a more sustainable, regenerative, and equitable future.

An investment in RIZOME could offset your carbon footprint for an entire lifetime. For every investment of $250 or more, we donate hyper-efficient carbon sequestering bamboo clumps to our indigenous partners, creating a win-win-win for you, them, and the only planet we have. Join us!