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Invest in Spinster Sisters Co

Plastic-free and water-free options in award winning, functional, clean beauty


3.7X DTC growth, 4.7X Natural/Mass Grocery growth since Jan 2020 with a massive sales pipeline
$1.3+M Annual Revenue, 48% YOY growth during pandemic. Clear path to profitability ($5.836M) in 2023
Exit Strategy: we feel Spinster Sisters will be positioned to be acquired at $20M in sales, in 4 years. (not guaranteed)
58% Blended Gross Profit Margin
Public Benefit Corp for sustainable supply chain, packaging, and social mission.
Natural, eco-conscious, plant-based.
Wholesale partners - Whole Foods, Kroger, HEB, Mom's Organic Market, Central Market and more.

Our Team

I wanted to find a way to take care of skin with clean, non-toxic ingredients so people don’t soak in the toxic chemicals that are in so many products. I also care about the planet and those same toxic ingredients wash off and into the ecosystem, We need to be responsible about what we do to our bodies and the planet.

Why invest in the Spinsterhood?

Skincare consumers are sacrificing effectiveness to use natural products. They want both.

Many conventional skincare products contain chemicals that are linked to incredibly harmful and life-threatening diseases, including cancer.

Some natural skincare alternatives simply aren't effective. Plus, some are merely marketed as natural but employ greenwashing techniques to confuse consumers and snare their business.

Sophisticated shoppers not only want effective, natural products, but also care whether a brand shares their concerns about the planet and works to make a positive social impact. It's not easy to know that with many natural alternatives.

Spinster Sisters Co crafts personal care that is good for you, the planet, and made with ingredients you'll recognize.

Spinster Sisters Co.'s face and skincare products are made in Colorado with high-quality, clean ingredients and a focus on sustainability. We believe in cruelty-free, organic, toxin-free, and most importantly — effective — clean skin and face care.


In mid-November, we are launching a game-changing family of clean beauty products called the “Free From” line.

“Free From” means this new sustainable line of face, body, and hair care is the total package for ethical and environmental choices in plant-based, effective, clean beauty solutions. Free from toxic ingredients like sulfates just like the rest of our products, this new line is also free from water and plastic waste. Each category in the line has its own new revolutionary products:

Face: Daily Glow Face Cleanser Bar with Turmeric, and Daily Glow Serum Bar with Blue Tansy Oil & Hyaluronic Acid.

Body: Body Butter Bar, Sugar Scrub Bar, and Deodorant Bar (2 scents each).

Hair: Shampoo Bar and Conditioner Bar (2 scents each).

Our labels and packaging are clear, from the ingredients to our certifications. We are a Public Benefit Corporation, and we actively work to provide comprehensive transparency to our customers and employees, to stay accountable to the social impact and environmental aspects of our mission.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

In September 2021, we earned another prestigious NEXTY Award for Best New Beauty Product for our Rosemary Mint Conditioner Bar. We've seen outstanding growth with our Hair Care products (1500% YTD!), exposing a trend we saw coming and propelling us to launch the rest of the Free From line in November. 

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.
Will get an audit and update ask if we are headed over $376K.