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Invest in a smart-tech student housing next to Temple University


🦄 PHASE III of NYCE’s Temple University smart-tech “hacker house” developments
📺 Seen in Forbes, Business Insider, CNBC, TechCrunch and more
📲 66 tech-powered co-living units with 24/7 security one block from Campus
🚀 Projected $9.14M valuation once built (see financials, not guaranteed)
💰 2x return on equity on NYCE’s past projects TEMPLE I & NYCE (12 months)
📈 LOCATION: 230 ft from Subway station, 10 minutes from Downtown, one block from campus
🔥 Opportunity Zone investment; defer capital gains
💥 Ongoing partnership with Temple University to insure tenant inflow

Our Team

Millennial minorities have inherited the worst economic conditions in history: Trillions in debt and a racial wealth gap that will take 228 years to close. We want to solve that by creating 100K millionaires through real estate ownership, financial literacy and community. Think of a “Goldman Sachs” for the 99% vs. 1%. 💥


TEMPLE III is the latest NYCE-developed “Silicon Valley”-style student housing community, following the smashing success of TEMPLE I: The Tech Mansion/Philicon Square.

Powered by a formal partnership between NYCE and Temple University, this development boasts 66 co-living units (29 individual apartments + 1 commercial unit) one block from Campus, sitting directly next to the historic Uptown Theater.

YES, the same Uptown Theater, home to acts such as…

In the spirit of the Uptown Theater history—as WELL as the “live-in accelerator”/entrepreneurship hub philosophy—TEMPLE III will be home to Phillly’s next generation of creatives, thinkers, artists and entrepreneurs.


The Offering: TEMPLE III, Explained

Last year’s TEMPLE I accepted investment at a $1M pre-completion valuation. Three months later after construction completed, the property appraised at $2,055,000.

Similar to TEMPLE I, TEMPLE III investors will have the opportunity to own a piece of this property at the pre-construction value in a Qualified Opportunity Zone, providing outstanding tax deferral benefits to all investors.

A “shovel-ready” project (meaning no architectural or zoning work required), NYCE expects a $9.14 million valuation upon completion, against a $7M cost basis, based on market comparables, rent rolls and cap rates. 

(Forward looking projections are not guaranteed. Scroll down for detailed investor financial projections.)

OK, back to the TEMPLE III property…

The third in the string of NYCE/Temple U projects, TEMPLE III—like its Philicon Square sister development down—are part of NYCE’s initiative to:

  • LIVING: Provide a sublime luxury living/"hacker house” experience with podcast studios, mentorship, AI & tech-powered and best-in-class amenities
  • OWNING: Provide a pathway for people of color to own a part of the gentrification of a historical African-American neighborhood

The Location

Sitting gloriously on MAIN Philadelphia/Temple corridor Broad Street, TEMPLE III residents have a one block walk to campus. (Nice.)

A short 230 ft from the subway (Susquehanna-Dauphin Station), residents are EXACTLY 10 minutes from downtown Philadelphia and its historic City Hall.

There’s also some fun history…

A large part of what we do is to preserve the historical charm of the neighborhood while ushering in a new era of commerce, entrepreneurship and creativity.

Sitting DIRECTLY NEXT DOOR, the historic Uptown Theater venue was a centerpiece of the Chitlin’ Circuit. If you’re not familiar with the Chitlin’ Circuit, per Wikipedia:

The Chitlin' Circuit was a collection of performance venues throughout the eastern, southern, and upper Midwest areas of the United States that provided commercial and cultural acceptance for African American musicians, comedians, and other entertainers during the era of racial segregation in the United States through the 1960s.

The Philly equivalent of Harlem’s Apollo Theater, the venue’s been home to acts like Ray Charles, James Brown, Jackie Wilson, Stevie Wonder, the Isley Brothers, Marvin Gaye, BB King, The Supremes and the Jackson 5.

TEMPLE III: Financial Projections & Investor Returns

We are offering equity interests in the TEMPLE III development project. Investors will receive an 8% preferred return.

In addition to having a piece of the project, investors will be able to track their investment in our NYCE app and follow team updates inside our TRIBE community.

Upon completion, we intend to operate it as a student-housing co-living property where students rent individual bedrooms. The chart below provides our estimates for operating the property.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Investor Returns: How Investors Make Money

We are estimating that investors will receive a 12%-15% annualized IRR with a 36-month lock-up period. Investors will receive a return upon a sale or refinancing of the property, anticipated inside 36 months.

The following chart outlines the estimated returns based on a $1,000 investment at the 15% preferred return rate. NOTE: These are for illustrative purposes only and not a guarantee.

In addition, we may offer options for investors to buy/sell their positions in TEMPLE III (or other NYCE properties, subject to availability), offering liquidity.

We’re currently in the process of taking TEMPLE I public on LEX, the Nasdaq-powered real estate trading platform. (Read more here.)

Our Mission…

If you follow our Instagram pages, you’ll see that we have a VERY pronounced mission of creating 100,000 millionaires by 2030 and empowering 100M marginalized people worldwide into ownership.

Why do we do this?

In North America, millennials and minorities have been dealt one of the worst hands in recent history, inheriting a wealth gap that will take 228 years to close.

The number one driver? Lack of real estate ownership in minority communities. Per Duke University, real estate/home ownership would narrow the racial wealth gap by 31%.

We want to help ERASE this troubling trend by bringing ownership access to real estate to minorities and marginalized communities.