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TransitNet brings title to crypto

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We solve a big problem. Crypto needs title to reach its full potential.
Stakeholders include Peter Thiel & other "PayPal Mafia" members.
Veteran fintech team: Eric (PayPal), Chris (investing) & Will (audit tech).
The opportunity is huge. We estimate the addressable market to be $5 billion+.
We already have a working beta product. Our cloud-based SaaS platform is up and running!
Our beta customers include well-known advisory firms such as Cohen & Co. and Berkower LLC.
TransitNet was incubated at CapLinked Inc. and has just been spun out as a separate company.
This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of something special!

Our Team

We believe crypto holds great promise, but only if it enters the mainstream and becomes more widely used by existing players in financial services. Many requirements of institutional players cannot be met without title: proof of reserve, use as collateral, and ability to insure.

Invest in TransitNet

For all its promise, crypto is still like the wild west. The risk of theft or loss is high, and one reason for that is the lack of title. 

What is title? Title refers to a document that lists the legal owner of an asset. Assets like real estate, vehicles, and bank accounts all have title associated with them. Think of title as proof of ownership. Title helps you protect assets with insurance and use them as collateral for loans.

Lack of title is simply a show stopper for many institutional players. It makes crypto too risky to use in building new technology or making investments.

Presenting the Solution... TransitNet! 

Our Team = PayPal, Finance, & Blockchain Veterans

Our team is uniquely qualified with decades of industry experience in tech and finance. 

  • CEO Eric Jackson was recruited by Peter Thiel to join the early PayPal team, where he built PayPal's revenue model. 
  • COO Christopher Grey is a serial entrepreneur, experienced finance executive, and tech angel investor. 
  • Architect Will Coleman is a noted technologist with blockchain, audit, and regulatory experience. 

Additionally, our advisors have some of the best experience in fintech and blockchain.

We've already built a Working Beta Product...

...And Recruited Exclusive Beta Clients to Use It

This is YOUR CHANCE to Be Part of a New Venture

TransitNet LLC is a brand new company. Its stakeholders include Peter Thiel, Founders Fund, 500 Startups, Kenetic Capital, Brian Kelly (BKCM), & Alphabit Fund

Using the capital raised in this funding round, we will move decisively to build out our product and scale up our sales & marketing efforts. 

You're invited to get in on the ground floor with members of the PayPal Mafia as we build something special. 

With an incredible vision, talented leadership, a working beta product, and market validation, the only thing missing! 

We hope you'll join us!