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Invest in unlo

unlo | Any vehicle. Anywhere. One Subscription.


$10,000+ revenue and 7,000+ unique website visitors from 43 countries.
$100,000+ in monthly recurring revenue potential from "buy now" clicks.
Founded by former racing driver, serial entrepreneur, and legacy car-share employee.
All investors invited to founder's room social channels to socialize and keep up-to-date with unlo.
Goal: distill the best of the current auto industry, and combine into a single next-gen service.
$200,000+ committed personally by founder
By 2023 75% of direct-to-consumer businesses will offer subscription.
Own stock and receive discounts on membership when we arrive in your city.

Our Founder

Former racing driver, performance driving coach, legacy car-share employee, subject matter expert for global racing game series, serial entrepreneur and lifetime car-enthusiast.
Travel is enriching and empowering. Yet, many are limited in their ability to travel because of inefficient, conventional ownership models. Our goal is to break down barriers to equitable access to all modes of transportation for all people.

The best of the automotive industry. One app. One subscription.

People will soon travel by land, sea, and air, on-demand, from a single app, for less than the average car payment.

The successful automotive brands of the future will not endeavor to sell a car, a boat, or a plane ticket. Instead, they'll create a holistic subscription service, delivering access to the products and services their clients want and need, when they want and need them, for less than they were paying before. Like Netflix did with movies, and Apple with music.

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Existing businesses are siloed, expensive, and don't come close to leveraging the full potential of the shared economy.

Meet unlo...

In Summer 2020

unlo launched with a Porsche Cayman S, and Yamaha 195S powerboat. We hung the car keys from the door handle in a lock box. The epitome of MVP...

We shot and edited Instagram ads with our iPhones, and from those, were fortunate to meet our first few amazing members. Shortly after, we added a BMW M4 and two ATVs. This covered all seasons and all-terrain, all in one subscription.

We're just getting started

Our mission resonates. We've welcomed over 7,000 unique visitors from 43 countries to our site -- in just a few months, and with almost no marketing budget. We already have over $100,000 in untapped monthly recurring revenue potential from website traffic alone.

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Where we're headed

Summers will always be great for welcoming new members. People want to get outdoors, and we bring the fun. However, we're focused on creating long-term, year-round relationships with each of our members. Our acquisition strategy reflects that. Our goal is to acquire members where they live and work, and we're pursuing partners who can help us achieve that.

Namely, multifamily residential. We'll develop a symbiotic relationship with national property managers and developers.

  • We provide a life-enriching amenity for residents.
  • An opportunity to lease apartments even when garages are full (an issue in dense, growing, urban communities).
  • Save big on construction costs, and make developments future-proof by minimizing the size of parking garages.
  • Benefit from the growing number of incentives cities offer for on-site, shared mobility services.

Rinse & Repeat

Once we have our formula, it's rinse and repeat.

Never miss a beat

Whether you're in Seattle or Sicily, every investor will be invited to our community slack channels so you can check-in on the day-to-day, whenever you like. You'll also be invited to the unlo founder's room channels to socialize and network with like-minded founding investors.

Invest now!

Join us on this wonderful mission, and we'll have a lot of fun building the future together. unlo is all about equity and living a life rich with extraordinary and empowering experiences. Equity crowdfunding empowers our customers to take control of the future of mobility and capture benefit from it.

It’s not a question of whether or not this is the future… The question is: can unlo play a significant role?

Join us, and we'll decide the future of global mobility, for ourselves.


One more thing:

We could have hired a marketing agency to promote the campaign. Instead, to make our campaign go viral, we're launching an amazing giveaway for our investors!

If we reach our fundraising milestones

All investors will be entered to win their choice of amazing vehicles. Every dollar ($1.00) invested, equals one entry! Check out details on our site, and come back here to make your investment!

If this campaign reaches $500,000:

  • One winner will have the choice of taking home a Sea-Doo GTI SE 170 IBR with sound system and $2,000usd cash, or Yamaha Grizzly EPS and $2,000usd cash, or $15,000usd cash!

If this campaign reaches $750,000:

  • One winner will have the choice of taking home a Porsche Cayman S and $5,000usd cash, or BMW M4 and $5,000usd cash, or Land Rover LR4 and $5,000usd cash, or $40,000usd cash!

Offer ends 04/19/2021! Invest now!

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