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Sharing updates.

on Jan 21
Formerly, a child. Currently, Storyteller @ Wefunder, dancer, and Slack emoji enthusiast. Unrelated, degree in Neuroscience from Harvard.

How the heck do you share an update?


To share an update with your investors & anyone following your campaign, head to your founder dashboard at You should see a panel that says “Post an update to raise more” with a green “Post update” button.

Remember that posting a Wefunder update will automatically trigger an email to all investors and followers! So there’s no need to cycle this same content through emails to them.


Here are possible things to include in an update:

  • Key milestones / traction (there’s nothing better than to hear how awesome your business is doing, if applicable!):
    • New feature
    • New product
    • New team member / advisor
    • Press mentions

  • 3-minute testimonials:
    • Investor testimonials
    • Advisor testimonials
    • Customer testimonials

  • Webinar / Q&A / AMA

  • Deeper dive of your profile:
    • Founding story (more personal than your profile's Story section)
    • Deeper dive into the problem you’re solving
    • Deeper dive into your product
    • Deeper dive of the market
    • Founder’s background
    • Team member spotlights
    • Key partnerships

  • Campaign updates:
    • Perk fulfillment
    • Funding milestone reached
    • Countdown to close

  • Specific investor asks (Do they have industry connections? Media connections? Do they know friends that might be interested in investing? You won’t know unless you ask!).

Examples of stellar updates: