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Wefunder Blog

How Startups Can Use Wefunder

on Aug 30 2012
Undercover MBA and retired kickboxer. Ardent helper and true believer in the problem solving ability of passionate teams.

Thank you for coming to Wefunder! We started this journey back in December 2011 with one goal in mind. We wanted to introduce startups to the investors who are most passionate about helping them succeed. While we primarily focus on funding great companies, there are several ways that startups use Wefunder.


Startups aren’t always raising money but they always have important challenges they need to solve. Even if your company is not ready for funding you probably have a set of friends and advisors that you keep updated on your progress, and reach out to for feedback on important decisions. A private profile on Wefunder makes it easy for you to interact with that group as you iterate on your product or business model.

Making your profile public allows you to recruit investors to follow your company before you officially start fundraising. It’s much easier to raise money quickly when you have several hundred investors who have expressed interest in what you are building and are already up to date on your progress. You can also tap those investors for advice in advance of asking for an investment, allowing you to see which investors will ultimately add value to your company after investing.


  • Public Fundraising: Our main goal at Wefunder is to introduce you to passionate investors that help you build your business. Once enough investors have shown interest in your company by choosing to follow you, we will review your profile for fundraising. If you are accepted, you can start to recieve investments. Our standards may seem high, but that is why listing on Wefunder means something. We help the best startups connect with investors who are most passionate about helping them succeed.
  • Private Fundraising: We have a high standard for introducing you to the Wefunder investor community, but if you have a set of personal connections that already want to invest, you can get started right away.


Closing a round of funding is just the start of how you can use Wefunder. We help you activate your investors to add value to your business through recruiting for you, posting to social media, giving product feedback, acquiring customers or a number of other tasks. We provide the tools to easily turn your new investors into an army of evangelists that can give you the juice you need to solve problems faster and spread your message farther.

Have ideas for other things we can do to help your company? Let us know in the comments!