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Having trouble coming up with perk ideas? Here are some of our favorites.

on Jun 19 2017
4th hire at Wefunder. I started XX to invest in more female founders. Now I plan to build Hogwarts for founders from everywhere.

Founders often get stumped when coming up with perk ideas for their campaigns. So today, we want to tell you to stop worrying about coming up with the greatest perk ever and just think of the best way to make your investors feel involved.

Perks are just a fun way of thanking investors for investing. But most importantly, it’s the most creative way of connecting with your greatest fans. Perks should make your investors feel like they are a part of your company, because they are! These perks don’t have to be extra fancy; you can simply offer your investors an investor-only mug each time they walk into your coffee shop. Or, for bigger dollar investors, you can invite them over to your office and throw them a dinner party (which is what we do…). It doesn’t matter what your perk is. Only thing that matters is that you’ve put thought into how your investors can feel like they’re a part of your startup’s journey.

Tech Startups

Visit TAXA’s lab in San Francisco and see the growing glowing plants in-person.  

Glowing plants in TAXA’s lab.  $100 perk.

Grubmarket will send you a box of farm fresh foods curated by the team once a month for a year.

In-season meat an produce curated for you every month.  $10,000 perk

Ride a 727-HP Motoroso Mustang at the VIP Trackday.


$727-HP Motoroso Mustang: $5,000 perk.

Join the Wefunder team for dinner. We home cook SF-famous bbq and pizza for our guests every month.

Join Wefunder for a dinner in our office next time you’re in San Francisco. $5,000 perk

Get a free house call and one year’s worth of vaccines for one pet from VetPronto.

Vet Pronto takes care of your pets. $2,500 perk.

Food & Alcohol

Cleveland Whiskey’s Tom will personally create a custom whiskey for you, based on your flavor preferences and personal history.

Tom stands before the barrels where his whiskeys are made. $10,000 perk

Bloomery will host a private bottling and signing party for 6 with hors d’oeuvres and beverages.

$5,000 investment perk

Size matters. Monkey Rum will give you a 3L Monkey Rum bottle signed by founders by Zane and Ian. Yes, Three Liters.

$5,000 investment perk

Get a personalized pint glass, on-hand in the brewery every time you visit Hopsters Brewery.

$5,000 investment perk


VIP pass to go “behind the scenes” to access all LegionM projects, including this one starring Anne Hathaway.

$100 investment perk

Join Ingrosso on stage in Ibiza if you invest in cocktail popsicles company N1CE.

$100,000 investment perk

Free round of killer cocktails for up to 4 guests next time you visit The Speakeasy.

$500 investment perk


Go on a trip to Mount Everest Base Camp with world famous mountaineer Robert Link and Slingfin team will take care of the everything except transportation.

$25,000 investment perk

Always wanted a hand-tailored American flag suit? Shinesty will design and customize a suit from a selection of our favorite fabrics tailored just for you.

$10,000 investment perk

Get this Mod Tablet made by This is Ground heat sealed with logo or art of your choice.

$2,500 investment perk

You don’t need picks to play Magic Instruments but they’ll give you custom Magic Instruments picks.

$250 investment perk