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Accomplish goals & have fun doing it!


Our Team


Why We're Doing This

In 2002, Adrian was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Since then he has been studying self development and positive psychology and even completed a triathlon and the NYC Marathon. After over a decade in technology consulting, he started a small national life coaching business. He created a unique program based on positive psychology paired with concepts from business project management to assist his clients in successfully defining and reaching their life goals.

In order to bring an affordable model to more young adults, Adrian reconnected with Carlos and Jordan to develop a motivational goals platform called Uptimal.

Who We Are

Adrian and Carlos met when they pledged Sigma Alpha Epsilon at UC Irvine over a decade ago. Since they are cousins, Jordan has known Adrian his whole life. The team has been working together since October 2013.

Adrian is responsible for Product and UX Design. Carlos is responsible for Development and Business Strategy. Jordan is responsible for Visual Design and Marketing.

Adrian and Carlos worked on a previous iteration called ThriveStreams. They brought on Jordan for creative direction.

Most Impressive Accomplishments

Adrian combined concepts from over 100 personal development books with the basic principles of business project management to create a small national life coaching business.

As a product manager, Carlos drove the strategy and roadmap for a next generation interactive guide whose customers now include Samsung, LG, Toshiba, and Panasonic. This product line now drives over $50 million in aggregate revenue per year.

Jordan is a member of Mensa.