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Invest in WedFun App

WedFun is a Netflix type Wedding Lifestyle Streaming Channel combined with a Wedding Planning App.

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Leadership: CEO Marc Conneely founded the Wedding TV Cable Network and was President, MTV China. Serious street cred.
Massive market: 65M weddings/year spending $300B. Our 5 year target is only approx 2%, 1.2M subscribers.
Partnerships: WedFun was selected as Canva's wedding planning partner and will leverage Canva's 51M monthly users.
WedFun TV: WedFun original videos will support and inspire the couple's decision making.
Planning App: WedFun's next generation planning app will simplify, organize and streamline choices.
WedFun is a community app. The entire guest list can share and communicate through the app and watch all the videos.
App Store/Google Play: The first generation WedFun App (check list, guest list, budget, website, inspiration) is live.
We believe WedFun will disrupt the market and become the iconic global brand leader for anyone planning a wedding.

Our Team

WedFun leverages Mr. Conneely's prior success with the wedding lifestyle entertainment market (Wedding TV Cable Network) and international content distribution (MTV and Sky TV), and advancements in producing high quality digital content at low cost. Further, the market for and acceptance of subscription apps continues to grow at astounding rates.


WedFun, the Wedding TV & Wedding Planning App

Marc Conneely, President and founder of the WedFun app, brings his illustrious past experience from MTV, Sky TV and Wedding TV to this exciting new all-in-one wedding entertainment and planner app.

WedFun app brings the FUN back to wedding planning by reducing the stress of it with all the tasks in one app.

The WedFun App is the worlds first Netflix-style Wedding Lifestyle TV combined with an all-in-one wedding planning app. It’s entertainment, aspiration, fun and easy to use at a monthly subscription fee of only $14.99.

The WedFun App Promo sizzle video highlights some of the apps best features, samples of streaming wedding content and more.

WedFun TV, a subset of the WedFun wedding app, will have original, infotainment featuring aspirational, short form, episodic content to inspire the couple to aspire for the best wedding ever, theirs.

We have sample content already developed such as “Get Fit for the Dress,” “Dream Honeymoons of the World,” and "Budgeting Can Be Fun,” just to name a few.  The content will be fresh, new, follow trends and always seek to inspire our brides/couples to reach for the most aspirational wedding ever while also having FUN!

Sample Tips & Tricks Videos you can watch to get a flavor for our dynamic content are below:

“How to Plan Your Wedding, Top 5 Tips” video content delivers easy to follow tips and tricks and always reminds our brides to have fun!

“WedFun’s How to Find Your Perfect Wedding. Dress: Top 5 Tips”.

“How to Choose Your Wedding Cake: Top 5 Tips”.

WedFun TV will also have "feel good" shows including shows such as "WedFun Top 5 Proposals of the Week" (below) and "WedFun Top 5 Best First Dances". 

WedFun Top 5 Proposals of the Week

User experience is front and center for our team as we built out the initial wireframes of the App interface and function. Key features and tools within the app will include: Daily count down checklist, website builder, guest list manager, budget pro, video editing/cloud storage, vendor bazaar and a honeymoon planner. 

Meet our brilliant team of experts in their field who are as inspired to create a global iconic brand as we know brides/couples will be to plan the best day of their lives.

Marc Conneely: Head strategist, content distribution extraordinaire, cheerleader!

Allyssa Dikert: Inspiring lifestyle storyteller!

Mat Satuloff: Technology guru!

Simon Withington: Unparalleled producer and indefatigable creator!

Laura Haines: Global product specialist and brand building strategist!

Patrick Whitfield: Bean counter and strategic planner!

Aaron Day: Amazing partnership builder!

Angela Hsu: Award winning retail and tech advisor!

There are lots of wedding tools out there today but none except WedFun have an all-in-one app, PLUS have an entire content library of inspiring and aspirational Netflix-Style content too!  We focus on engaged couples, not the vendors or gift registry companies. 

The research is in: brides are looking for a new way to plan their wedding that simplifies, inspires and brings the fun back to planning.

Key milestones for the WedFun app include the initial app prototype, launch beta app, MVP app launch with core content, breakeven goal at month 29 and exit expected by month 60. These projections cannot be guaranteed.

Core to our strategy is to partner with the best of the best partnerships within product placement, brand awareness and natural extensions, including design engine (Canva), technology, ecommerce and registry, fashion, travel and resorts.

WedFun forecasts a 5-year revenue of roughly $156M based on a conservative 2% of 65 million annual global wedding market (not guaranteed).

In summary, we have expert leadership from our President Marc Conneely, a game changing wedding lifestyle streaming channel and planning app, trend-leading partnerships, a massive 65 million user marketing opportunity, strong and also conservative financial forecast backing up the WedFun App!  WedFun will become the iconic global brand leader for anyone planning a wedding!

WedFun FAQs and Questions

How far along are you? What's your biggest obstacle?

On February 14, 2021, we released the beta version of the functional portion of the app. This includes event building modules (a wedding is a series of different, but related, events - such as reception, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, etc.), guest list builder and RSVP tracker, custom wedding website, budget, inspiration wall. We have created several wedding lifestyle videos as examples to demonstrate how the videos will entertain and support the decision making process. The next steps are to enhance the app with greatly improved UI/UX, more functions, ecommerce/boutique, gift registry and vendor options and packages. Additionally, we need to create 20 to 30 original videos and begin marketing to create sufficient traction and proof of concept. 

The biggest obstacle is that we have created about as much as we can with equity and part time staff and need this pre-seed funding to hire the talent necessary to complete and market the MVP.

Who competes with you? What do you understand that they don't?

There is no combined Wedding Planning App and Wedding TV in the US or globally. Gift registry apps with planning capabilities exist. Wedding Wire and The Knot have an estimated combined 9.3M users/month. Zola and With Joy have an estimated 2.7M and 840,000 users, respectively. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are sources for pictures and videos about wedding ideas but are highly fragmented with no dedicated wedding channels. 

We understand that content/entertainment and user experience are king. WedFun is built to help the couple make all their wedding decisions, track their budget, create a viral community, communicate with their guests, manage their vendors, etc. Our competitors were built to sell gift registry and products, not solve problems and help in decision making. Further, from a content creation and delivery perspective, WedFun has unparalleled strategic advantage over anyone in the wedding planning space.

How will you make money?

The WedFun App will be sold as a monthly $14.99 subscription, with no ads, to future couples (average engagement period is 14 months). Multiple incremental revenue streams include gift registry, e-commerce and vendor commissions, product placement, video content sales, endemic advertising, customer analytic sales, wedding day photo/video storage. WedFun is projected to grow to $160 million in revenue, at a 61% profit margin, on less than 2% of the 65 million annual weddings worldwide These projections are not guaranteed.

What are the biggest risks? If you fail, what would be the reason? What has to go right for you to succeed?

Risk #1: We are unable to explain the value proposition of WedFun's best-in-class planning app and video content community platform, and no one wants to pay for a WedFun subscription. 

Our research through Qualtrics/SAP indicated that 71% of the respondents would pay $14.99 per month for WedFun. In the event we are unable to explain the value proposition, we will migrate to a freemium model and focus on gift registry and vendor commission and product placement revenue. The risk here is the delay in operating cash flow, as much of the commission revenue is back end loaded during the engagement lifecycle. However, our digital marketing costs will be dramatically reduced if we move to a free download version. 

Risk #2: Our users don't really want one stop shopping or to have some of their wedding decision choices curated for them based on their input. They would rather wander around the internet looking randomly at pictures, products and themes. 

The research, however, does not support this. Users of our competitor's apps like the convenience of a guide and starting point for the hundreds of wedding decisions they need to make. 

Risk #3: Our users and their guests do not find the videos entertaining, engaging or inspirational and we spend a bunch of money on shows no one cares about. No viral community is created. 

Our projections are that we will have at least 4,000 videos by the end of the 5th year, so we will have some shows that are less popular than others. YouTube views support the popularity of wedding lifestyle themed videos with one "best man speech" achieving 20 million views, and simple wedding cake videos hitting the multi-million viewership mark. We are confident our video production team will create engaging, must-see, videos about wedding dress makers, dress selection, wedding fitness, honeymoon destinations for every budget, best first dances, etc., that couples and their guests will want to watch and recurring series that they look forward to on a weekly basis. Every wedding planning checklist item can be supported by many different videos.

What are some of the video content ideas?

There are unlimited content/entertainment options, but here are a few ideas: 

Live Daily WedFun News. Two x two minute daily wedding news updates. Engagements, fashion, trends, gifts, lifestyle, fitness, etc. 

Meet the Dressmakers. Top designers discuss style, body shape, color, inspiration. 

Planning: Where do I Start. A future-bride/couple visits WedFun studios to meet the experts and talk budget, planning and inspiration. 

Cakes: Can You Top This? The top cake makers craft the world's most outlandish and delicious wedding cakes. 

Inspiration: What a Great Idea! Unique wedding ideas from hog roasts to candy floss machines to barn weddings. 

Guest List: How Do We Invite Them All? Our expert offers tips and advice for maintaining harmony while limiting seating. 

Music: They are Playing Our Song: Picking your band and music selections just got easier.

I get the Wedding Planning of the WedFun App but how does the WedFun TV part work?

Unlike Netflix, the WedFun business model does not demand expensive productions like Game of Thrones to retain subscribers. The people behind WedFun launched MTV and the multiple award-winning Wedding TV Network. The programming quality will be outstanding; however, the content can be used repeatedly - with new subscribers joining daily seeking inspiration for their weddings. WedFun only needs subscribers for 12 months, not years. WedFun's production team will create its videos. Including Latest Paris Catwalk Wedding Dresses; Bridal Lingerie; Cakes; Shoes; Gifts; Fitness; Jewelry; Travel; Celebrity and Royal Weddings; and Live Daily "WedFun News" on the latest fad, trend or craze in the glamorous world of weddings. We do NOT film people's weddings.

How long will a subscriber stay with WedFun?

The average time between getting engaged to getting married is 14.5 months; we expect a WedFun subscriber to stay on average for 12 months. With 200,000 couples getting engaged every day globally, WedFun will always be aggressively and creatively adding new subscribers.

Apart from subscribers, what number of users could the WedFun App expect?

WedFun has been created as a community app. Once a couple subscribes to WedFun, their entire guest list receives free access to the WedFun App and all the video productions. Assuming only 100 guests per wedding, we anticipate upwards of 120 million potential app users (1.2M subscribers x 100 wedding guests = 120 million).

How big is the market for the WedFun App?

There are roughly sixty-five million weddings a year globally, almost 200,000 a day. Worldwide weddings are a $300B annual industry and growing. In 2019, the average cost of a wedding (not including honeymoons or registry gifts) in the US was $34,000; UK $37,000; China $14,000.

What about Covid? How will this affect you?

While the number of weddings decreased significantly during 2020 and into 2021, wedding planning still continued and the engagement period increased (which extends the term of our subscribers and therefore, their lifetime value). Even when weddings are delayed, or held via Zoom, planning needs to be done and the WedFun App provides entertainment and planning tools. Given the expected return to a somewhat "normal" social environment and economy, the timing for the WedFun App is perfect; during Covid, many weddings were delayed. The enhanced WedFun App, with WedFun TV is set to launch at the end of the year, primed to take advantage of the post-covid boom in 2022 weddings.

Who is the WedFun App customer?

The WedFun target audience is 25-35 future brides/couples just engaged, 14 months from their wedding day and wondering how to plan the best wedding ever - theirs! WedFun will launch in English, then expand to Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, etc.

Why invest in the WedFun App?

We believe the opportunity to be an early-stage investor in something with the potential to grow to be a global iconic brand is rare. The WedFun App is a niche product in a massive targeted market sector focusing on two things, planning weddings and planning honeymoons while spreading happiness. We believe our customers need and want the ease, efficiency and aspiration WedFun will offer. Our team has unique experience in global entertainment delivery and technology design. We believe our financial and operating assumptions are conservative. We believe our investors, customers, employees, and co-branding partners will be extremely happy with the results. Say "I Do" to the WedFun App.